11 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO Performance Of Your Website

11 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO Performance Of Your Website

The visibility of your business online starts with three major steps:

  • Website design and setup
  • Content management on the website
  • And, growing your digital presence

The thought of having a website leads people straight to WordPress.

And why not!

WordPress is known as the most popular platform to build and manage websites.

Thousands of themes and plugins provide the flexibility and the desired features, for the specific website setup and management requirements.

Plugins are the tools that help in managing your website in all manners. Different plugins serve different purposes. Which is why you need to gain WordPress plugin knowledge in order to select the right ones for your site.

You get about 52,586 plugins to choose from.

Obviously, you don’t need all of them.

But there are certain plugins that you should definitely have to gain complete control over the SEO performance of your website.

So, what is the best WordPress plugin for SEO?!

Here, in this post, we have 11 of the best WordPress plugins for SEO management of your website.

1. Yoast SEO- For keyword focused on-page optimization

wordpress seo by yoast

You want your web pages to gain high rankings in the search results.

But search engines aren’t smart enough to understand content as humans do.

This is why you need to send the right signals through the on-page optimization techniques. And a WordPress plugin for on-page SEO allows you to do that effortlessly.

Yoast SEO doesn’t let you forget any of the on-page factors associated with the focused keyword you have for that web page.

The page analysis feature monitors the target keyword placements in Meta description, alt tags of the images.

Creating Meta titles and descriptions become much more effective with the snippet preview provided. The quality of the content is judged by the plugin that results in gaining improved rankings and click through rate.

 Beyond that, this plugin brings great automatic optimizations with a few simple settings. Page related permalinks creation, indexing, XML sitemap generation and many other optimizations become advanced and automatically functional.

Top features you obtain from Yoast:

  • Keyword focused search engine optimization
  • Page analysis tool
  • XML Sitemap creation

All these features make WordPress plugin SEO by Yoast a must have, for your website.

For the best use of this plugin, check out:

2. SEO Squirrly- For newbies

seo squirrly

Not every website owner understands SEO. And not every one of them can afford to have a big SEO team.

That is when SEO Squirrly becomes handy.

For people who don’t have any knowledge of SEO or rankings, this plugin offers exceptionally simple content management, analytics, and ranking associated help. 

This WordPress plugin makes keyword research effortless, even for newbies.

The tool provides signals that indicate how well your content is optimized for the target keyword.

As the tool doesn’t change the earlier SEO settings, you can also install it after getting Yoast SEO.

The analytics become effective in monitoring the rankings and making suitable changes to attain better results.

This tool is incredibly helpful for the professionals such as law firms, online news portals, entertainment sites and others.

Top features you attain from SEO Squirrly:

  • Keyword research related to your market and customers.
  • Signals showcasing the quality of the content.
  • Content marketing planning with links, social media traffic, and other audits.
  • Images to use in your post.

So, it is clear that SEO Squirrly allows you to create content not only for the search engines but also for actual people as well.

3. Jetpack by WordPress.com- For security, analysis and audience engagement

jetpack by wordpress

Your site can survive only by attracting the right traffic and keeping them for a long time.

The audience stays loyal to a site only when it is engaging and secure.

Here comes Jetpack to help you ensure a perfect platform for the target traffic.

The statistics and analytics are provided for free to handle the optimization of the site.

Automatic post sharing feature is also available for all major social media platforms.

To enhance the security, the plugin offers login security and double authentication. Along with that, there is downtime and uptime monitoring feature available as well.

If you are looking for WordPress plugin SEO Facebook comments, Jetpack is the solution for you.

Customer engagement becomes much easier with the email subscriptions, customizable contact forms and comment login feature for social media and Google.

Top features you attain from Jetpack:

  • Analytics tool to monitor your site traffic.
  • Security services
  • Quality content creation and sharing.
  • Audience engagement with email, comment login, and contact forms.

So, Jetpack is one of the WordPress plugin options that you should always prioritize.

4. Smush- For image compression and optimization


Large images can slow the load speed of your site.

Slow speed costs your site audience loyalty and rankings too.

Smush is an award-winning WordPress plugin for image optimization.

By adding this tool, you provide an automated feature to your site in terms of image compression and optimization. Smush reads the data of the uploaded image and removes the useless data before the images get into the library.

The plugin offers compatibility with all the major media managing libraries.

Top features you attain with Smush:

  • Image compression without losing the quality.
  • Manual and bulk attachments in the media library.
  • Settings of image optimization for multiple sites.

5. SEO Content Links- For internal linking

Internal linking is incredibly important to reduce the bounce rate and help your readers to find all the associated knowledge they are looking for.

SEO Content Links is created to generate internal links without mistakes and time consumption.

Using this SEO plugin for WordPress internal link building is extremely easy. The tool allows you to provide multiple key phrases according to the categories you have on your site.

The keywords are used as anchor texts to link related terms on different pages on your website.

It is also possible to recreate the links between the web pages and posts.

Internal linking becomes much less time taking. And with the keyword targeting in the anchor text, indexing takes not much time.

Top features of SEO Content Links:

  • Convenient configuration for every category.
  • Ability to recreate the links.
  • Linking in multiple languages.

6. LiteSpeed Cache- For page load speed and website performance

litespeed cache

The load speed of the page and the content adjustment, according to desktop and mobile versions, become extremely important for user experience and rankings.

LiteSpeed Cache is a WordPress plugin to make a website responsive in terms of page speed, content optimization, and data cleaning.

Page caching attains automatic support through this tool, which is compatible with multiple themes plugins.

The default settings of the plugin have been designed to match all the requirements of any site. Hence, it takes not much expertise to handle the plugin.

Top features you gain with LiteSpeed Cache:

  • Optimization for PageSpeed score
  • Automated page caching to enhance the performance of the site
  • Segmented caching for desktop and mobile devices
  • Convenient interface to operate the functionalities.

Adding LiteSpeed Cache will allow your WordPress site to gain high performance and better speed score, which leads to higher rankings.

7. WPForms- For contact form building

wp forms

When you want to build highly responsive contact forms in minutes, WPForms serves the purpose.

This plugin comes with multiple templates, which allows even a beginner to develop contact forms quickly.

The templates are designed to accurately fit in desktop as well as mobile devices. The responsiveness and the optimized forms help in increasing the conversion rate exceptionally.

Top features that WPForms comes with:

  • Customized contact form creation in a few minute process.
  • Pre-build templates for WordPress contact forms.
  • Form integration with payment collection, ordering, and email marketing as well.
  • Secure and compatible with various plugins.

8. OptinMonster- For popup creation

optin monster

Getting regular traffic and making them loyal to your website, are two different things.

You can improve lead generation capacity of your site with OptinMonster.

The plugin comes with high-quality popup form creation ability. From getting more subscriptions to converting traffic into customers, it all becomes effective with OptinMonster.

You can leverage this tool to create popups, sidebar forms, floating forms and various other types to build a strong community of loyal audiences.

The responsiveness, integration with email, and customer targeted messages are the most beneficial advantages of OptinMonster.

Top features attained with OptinMonster:

  • Eight types of different forms.
  • Campaign performance report from custom analytics along with Google Analytics.
  • A/B testing to avoid mistakes while deciding the forms for the campaign.
  • Timed and Canvas popup forms along with redirects and success messages.

9. WordPress Related Posts- For customized related posts

wordpress related posts

There is no chance that a single post answers all the queries related to a particular topic.

This is why search engine evaluates how well you think about your readers. And the related post links allow your visitors to spend more time on the site and gain a comprehensive knowledge.

WordPress Related Posts is a plugin that enables you to customize related posts in a variety of styles.

Top features of WordPress Related Posts include:

  • Automatic and manual addition of related posts
  • Included caching to increase the performance
  • Easy linking ability between the related posts

10. Redirection- For fixing 404 errors


In a long run, every site requires to shut down some pages or migrate pages too.

WordPress plugin SEO redirect allows you to keep the site pages well connected with 301 redirections.

Monitoring 404 errors, becomes much easier with the plugin.

Highly efficient features of Redirection include:

  • Mapping and fixing 404 errors with 301 redirects.
  • Multiple language support
  • Complete statistics for redirections

11. Facebook Page Plugin- For Facebook promotion

facebook page plugin

This one is the plugin that helps in getting more likes on Facebook page.

Customizable and SEO friendly layout to create Facebook Feed helps in gaining more awareness.

Top features of Facebook Page plugin:

  • Custom Facebook feed
  • Popup windows of Facebook like box
  • Widget for creating a connection between the website and the Facebook page.

Final Words

So, those are the best WordPress plugins for SEO that can send positive signals to the search engines and improve the awareness and loyalty in the target market.

You should pick each and every plugin that seems effective and useful for your website.