Domain Name SEO: How To Select SEO Perfect Domain Name

Domain Name SEO: How To Select SEO Perfect Domain Name

Hello there! So, you have decided to tap into the digital world with your new website. Well, whether it is your blog, business website, or portal that provides entertainment news, there is one thing common in each one. And that is the importance of domain name SEO.

Domain name and SEO have a strong correlation with each other. But not the way many people think. There are many misconceptions regarding the selection of a domain name that also works for SEO. The biggest blunders happen when people don’t keep all the factors in mind while selecting the name.

Hence, in this post, you will find all the answers on picking a domain name for SEO that actually works. But first,

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique address used by the Internet to find your website. Many people confuse domain name with website's name. It is important to know that domain name may or may not have the same name as the website. However, it is better to have the same name for the website as well as the domain. We will discuss this in detail later in this post.

The domain name looks like The .com, .net, .co, and others are the extensions.

Now, that we have cleared ourselves with the definition, let's dig deeper to examine domain name SEO rules. In a nutshell, there are three main categories under which you should examine the value of a domain name.

  •  Keywords
  •  Brand Value
  •  Recognition of the extension

How to select domain name for SEO?

We will discuss the procedure of SEO friendly domain name selection under three categories.

1. Keywords

There was a time when all you had to do is combine your targeted keywords together and that was enough domain name SEO.

For example

These sort of keywords used to get number one rank, even if they had no content value what so ever. But now, it doesn’t work anymore. In fact, the exact match keyword domain sends a red signal to Google. Hence, Google examines the content along with the domain name while giving the rankings.

So, how can you leverage keywords in your domain name?

The wise idea would be to select a keyword that represents the business you are in. However, don’t try to push it too hard, as the other two factors are much more important than the keywords when it comes to the domain. Sitting with a mindset to select a “keyword rich domain” would be a great mistake in current algorithm scenarios. Especially, if you intend to build a strong name as a brand.

2. Brand value

Brand value indirectly impacts your domain name SEO. Brand power of your domain name decides its future authority. The way it appears, the way it sounds and the memorability, these are the factors that enhance the brand value of the domain. So, always make sure that you keep the generic options out of the list.

For example, Here are a few name suggestions for a photography business. Now, see how brand value appears in only a few of them.

  • Delhi
  •  Free
  •  Click

Let’s examine these examples.

  • Delhi

If you look closely, the first one i.e. the is a poor choice in terms of brand value. Tough it is simple to remember but doesn’t have the authoritativeness to be perceived as a brand in the long term race. So, this would be a bad choice.

Now, look at the It is much better than the previous one, catchy and also contains the target keyword. Hence, for a website that provides pictures for free, this can be the right option. But still, it doesn’t have the capacity to grow. Means, if the business grows to sell images, the owner might find himself in trouble keeping the same domain.

  • Click

The fourth one resembles a great way of creating a clever yet understandable domain name. The two names are attached together. Both are related to the photography, so the person would know that the website is related to photography services. This is a great way of using unique names that also serve as the keyword in the domain.


Finally, the is more of like the brand you create to associate with a certain target market. Here the photography business that covers family events can totally go with these sort of names. Though it is not that direct, these kinds of names help in connecting with the target market, which ultimately gets more site visibility.

After examining these examples, now you are ready to understand the factors that affect the brand value in domain name SEO.

a. Simple but memorable pronunciation

The pronunciation of the domain plays an important role in the long-term visibility of the business. It has been seen that people engage with the business or company more if the name is highly memorable. So, make sure that you don’t make the name complicated with unrelated words, signs, or numbers.

b. The length of domain name

The length of the name decides the visibility in the social media as well the search results. With long domain names, you can’t expect to get complete URL visibility on the search engines. Also, the social media posts don’t give enough space to too long URLs. Hence, it would be a wise idea to look for the short names for the domain.

c. The relevancy with the business

If you greater visibility on your website, the URL needs to be relevant to the business. When the target market can guess your business just by the name of the URL, it enhances the chances of becoming a brand in the digital world. However, there are some exceptions to this factor like “Apple”. It has no association with the business type. But being a budding company on the internet, you shouldn’t ignore this factor.

3. Recognition of the extension

Yes, you read it correctly. The recognition of the extension also matters in domain name SEO. You need to analyze how tech-savvy your target market is while picking an extension.

.com is the most recognized extension. Even if there are multiple extension varieties available, the general people still associate with the .com. Hence, it would be a wise idea to put your efforts in getting the name with this extension.

But if you are not able to get the desired name with the .com extension, don’t worry. There are a few more options as well.

You can go for a ccTLD extension such as .in for India. These extensions are beneficial if you want to target market lies in a particular country. You can get better visibility in the country-specific search results with this extension.

Also, if you feel that your target market understands the digital technology completely, then, you can go with the .net or .co extensions. Hence, the business of providing software development services can have such extensions in their URL address.

So, if you summarize:

  • You need sophistication along with the simplicity to make it brandable.
  •  Relevancy is much more important than the target keyword.
  • You CAN add the keyword if it offers the brand value.
  •  The shorter is always better to achieve memorability in the brains and the visibility on the search results.
  •  .com is still the best extension to bet on.

Now, let’s find out about the tools that you can use to find exclusive suggestions when conducting domain name SEO.

List of the best tools that offer domain name suggestions

There are multiple tools out there providing the chance to find and buy the domain. Some of them also provide the listings from the market of the URL names. Here, we have created a list the best tools you can use to find the right name for your website’s address.

1. Lean Domain Search

With the Lean Domain Search, you can get thousands of suggestions available in multiple extensions. The results can be adjusted according to the alphabetical order or the popularity. This allows you to filter the results and select the length and other features. And you can also find about the availability of a particular name by using the availability checker tool on the portal.

2. NameMesh

NameMesh offers multiple features. You get a chance to find the availability of the domains names. Plus, the tool finds the names that have the limited number of characters that you require. And all of the features come free of cost.

3. Domainsbot

For the clever use of keywords, this tool should become your first choice. It is one of those domain suggestion tools that provide listings from multiple portals along with the rates. All you need to do is enter the keyword that suits your niche and let the tool do the job for you.

4. DomainIT

With this tool, you can find the suggestions under multiple extensions. You can decide whether you want to keep the hyphens or numbers in the names. However, it would be wise to keep the hyphens and numbers box unchecked for the better options. The length of the name is also adjustable here, so you can achieve the suggestions that have the desired level of brand value.

5. Bust A Name

If you want amazing filtering to add prefix or suffix, this is the tool. Bust A Name os all about filtering options. It allows you to customize the search so specifically that highly approachable names come on the result screen. However, if you are not sure about any idea, you can conduct a make a random domain as well.

6. Panabee

Panabee is known for the exclusive availability of the domain names in all the multiple extensions. It also pretty quick and easy, as you just have to enter a word to start the process. The suggestions also cover the names for the social media and other platforms as well.

So, that’s a wrap on the domain name SEO topic. Hopefully, this will let you have a broader idea of search and selection process of the most suitable domain name for your website.