9 Facebook Live Tips To Make More Interesting Videos- Live Video Tips For Every User

9 Facebook Live Tips To Make More Interesting Videos- Live Video Tips For Every User

Do you make Facebook live videos regularly?!

Or, thinking about starting live video streaming soon?!

In both cases, you need Facebook live tips to make videos more interesting for your audiences.

Live videos allow everyone to create an authentic connection with their network. Both business and self-branding become much easier with two-way communication and real-time reactions of the audiences.

But, it all depends on how engaging your live videos are.

Facebook gives you Facebook live best practices including tips like:

  • Informing about the broadcast in advance
  • Having a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Writing a description of the video
  • Asking to follow
  • Interacting with the audience
  • Making long live videos

While they all are valuable tips, you only clear your basics with them.

To engage more audience, you need to put additional efforts and make your live videos more interesting.

But, before we dive into the tips for Facebook live, you need to understand some interesting facts about Facebook live.

Why make a Facebook live video?

With changes in Facebook’s News Feed regulations, Facebook is emphasizing on content that engages on a personal level.

So, the likes and shares of your posts are not that important nowadays. You need posts that can drive more conversation. And live videos do that job just fine. In fact, live videos generate six times more interactions than regular videos. This is the reason why businesses and brands are still inclined towards using Facebook for live interactions.

In a recent research conducted by BufferFacebook is the top choice when it comes to creating live videos. It outranks other social media platforms like Instagram, Periscope, and even YouTube with a big margin.

All these facts clearly say that you need live video streaming to enhance your audience reach.

Here are all the Facebook live tips to drive more conversations with your videos:

1. Know what your network would love

Take a moment to ask yourself- What does your audience want?

This is an extremely important question if you desire the highest level of engagement during the broadcast. If your network is not interested in your content, then, what’s the point of making it?!


Conduct a little survey on your Facebook profile or page. Share your idea with your network and ask their opinion. This way, you can filter your video idea and make it more audience-oriented.

You can also research other pages that are similar to your page. Look at the type of live content they are creating.

Try different varieties of live videos and see which ones gain maximum engagement. Here are some live streaming tips in terms of content types:

  • Q&A session with your network
  • Teaching videos
  • Location tour
  • Reviews
  • Demonstrations

2. Write a script for your live video

Your Facebook live video quality depends on the planning you do before going live. That’s why you need to work as a scriptwriter for your video content idea. Create a complete storyline for the video to make sure you don’t get off-track during the broadcast.

Though the specifications of the script are decided by the type of video, you should definitely add all the following points in your script:

  • Write an engaging title related to your idea
  • Include the information you want to share
  • Write some benefits to share during the initial few seconds.
  • List the questions you want to ask during your live streaming
  • Add a call-to-action that is relevant to your purpose.

Beyond general Facebook live tips, these points will give a clear format to your live video plan. You can use the title and benefits to make your description more interesting. Plus, the list of questions will help you have a smooth conversation when you are live.

3. Pick an interesting location

You already know the basic guidelines for choosing a location for Facebook live stream:

  • No background noises
  • Correct camera angle
  • And, a strong Wi-Fi connection

But a location can also help enhance the presentation quality of your video.

Mostly, the tour video creators give importance to the location they pick. However, other creators can also improve their videos with relevant location selection.

For instance, if you are making a teaching video, a classroom is a perfect choice. Similarly, gamers can design a background with game collections, or posters of games. And fashion vloggers can make live videos in their studios or create a background with their best collections.

Combining with other Facebook live tips, you can modify your location to generate curiosity and interest during the video.

4. Make a practice video

You have chosen the location and set up the camera. How about you check them all before your live video streaming!

You can change the video setting on your Facebook profile to “Only me” and make a practice video. This will help you find problems if there are any. Plus, you will practice your content too.

Of course, this Facebook live tip is not applicable to all scenarios. You might not get a chance to practice while conducting an interview or other specific content. But whenever possible, make sure you practice before going live.

5. Keep an eye on seasonal trends

Having a large audience network definitely increases the engagement rate on a regular basis. But, you can catch more eyes towards your Facebook live promotion by creating trendy videos.

For that, you need to align your live videos with the seasonal trends. So, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, all these seasonal events are beneficial to gain more engagement. You just have to be creative enough to somehow include them in your live content. Some of your best Facebook live videos can come out with this tip.

Remember, like all other Facebook live tips, this one is also to make your videos more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.  

6. Regularly tell the context of your live stream

Audiences will join your video in different time intervals. You need to make the context clear for all of them, so that, new viewers feel interested to watch the rest of the video.

Here is what you need to do on your Facebook live stream:

  • Regularly inform about the purpose of the video.
  • Keep on mentioning the points you have already covered.
  • Regularly familiarize audiences with the location, if required.

Including this habit with other Facebook live tips, you can make your live videos more interesting for every viewer, no matter when they join.

7. Be a cheerful Facebook live host

Facebook live is all about the conversational aspect of having a live audience. So, your own personality can take the broadcast to a whole new level. But, you need to learn how to present yourself in front of your audience.

Your personality is what makes you likable. So, enjoy the conversation with your live audience. Keep answering questions asked in the comment section. And make sure you address viewers by their name when replying to their comments.

Here are a few Facebook live tips to make your interactions more appealing:

  • Relax before every broadcast.
  • Introduce yourself and present a summary of the topic in the beginning.
  • Let them know when you are ready to take questions.
  • Praise viewers for good questions and comments.
  • Share your personal experiences relevant to the topic.

8. Give them something to wait for

The end of a video is the time when you request your viewers to take some actions. These actions include following your page, liking your post, or visiting a link. But that’s not all you can do with your call-to-action.

Depending on the video topic, you can make a list of some valuable resources to share at the end of the live video. Then, while broadcasting, tell your viewers about what you will offer at the end of the video. This will help you engage your viewers until the end.

Along with a strong call-to-action and resources, you can also share the idea of your next video in the end. This will give you a certain level of promotion for your future video, and excite your loyal audiences too.

9. Optimize your video after broadcasting

Your live audiences are not the only viewers you get on a video. Many viewers come after you finish broadcasting. So, it is always important to edit and optimize your video after completing the broadcast. This allows your video to get better reach and rankings in Facebook search results.

You can click the “arrow” sign at the upper right corner of your video. This will lead you to the editing option. There you can make all the desired changes.

Here are a few tips on how to edit Facebook live video:

  • Decide a core keyword related to your video.
  • Add an appealing title to the published video including your core keyword.
  • Write a crisp description with necessary keywords.
  • Add relevant tags and captions to make the post look more interesting.
  • Include a call-to-action.

Bonus Facebook live tips

  • Promote on all channels before going live.
  • Use quality lighting and camera for clear video quality.
  • Leverage Facebook insights to find the best time of the day to go live.
  • Make long videos, preferably longer than 15 minutes.
  • Don’t stop talking while demonstrating or giving tours of the location.
  • Watch the statistics offered at the end of live streaming to know viewer growth.
  • Go live regularly to improve your viewership.

What do you think?!

Do you have more valuable Facebook live tips to offer?! Please share them in the comment section below.