How To Start A Fashion Blog: Top Fashion Blogging Tips To Learn From Best Blogs

How To Start A Fashion Blog: Top Fashion Blogging Tips To Learn From Best Blogs

Are you thinking about becoming a fashion blogger?!

Learning how to start a fashion blog is the first step towards your goals. As fashion is one of the hottest topics all around the world, fashion bloggers are admired on a global scale. You can obtain that admiration too, but it requires a strategy.  

I am not a fashion blogger, but I definitely see the excellence of some of the best fashion blogs. An amazing combination of art and science becomes clearly visible, which teaches a lot about blogging.

That’s why I suggest -if you want fashion blogging tips, looking at the best blogs would be the best move.

Best Fashion blogs with an excellent presence online

Expressing your creative side and making money at the same time becomes possible with fashion blogging. Some of the best fashion blogs do it the right way.

Knowing how to start a fashion blog will become easier when you look at a few examples. So, in this post, I am going to shine some light on the best features of the following blogs.

1. What My Boyfriend Wore

2. Kyrzayda

3. One Dapper Street

4. Girl with Curves

5. The Daileigh

6. Hello Fashion

7. Chronicles of Her

8. Sincerely Jules

9. Style Me Grasie

10. Egg Canvas

Every single blog mentioned-above has unique properties. And, those properties can offer some incredible fashion blogging tips for a blogger.

But before we dig into those properties, I would like to give you a few basics to create a fashion blog.

Some basic steps before you start a fashion blog

Everyone has a blog these days. Even if you look into the fashion niche only, you will find thousands of blogs out there.

So, without a strategy and in-depth preparation, it becomes impossible to stand out.

If you really want to know how to become a fashion blogger, start by preparing yourself for the digital world.

Here’s how you can do it!

1. Start following some of the best fashion blogs

As a fashion lover, you already follow the fashion tips offered by your favorite bloggers. But, in order to create your own blog, you need to start looking at the way top blogs work.

Notice the content presentation techniques they follow. See how those bloggers market their blogs on different platforms. Analyze the site for elements that make them stand out. This way, you will gain fashion blogging tips that no one can offer you ever.

2. Learn a few tricks of photography and video making

Photography and video making hold a great importance in fashion blogging. They help you create some of the best content for your audiences and convey your ideas in the best possible manner.

Practicing your photography and video making skills will definitely help you create a strong fashion blog from the very beginning.

You can invest in quality gadgets and training, but even your smartphones can do the trick with a little practice. So, there is no need to feel that you are limited in any manner. Keep on clicking images and creating videos and you will see improvement every single time.

3. Improve your writing skills

Despite the popularity of videos and images, the power of words is still on the top of content creation.

But, writing is not just about creating sentences. A blogger has to think about new and unique ideas to write about. And those ideas should be useful and be engaging at the same time.

Hence, working on your writing skills is really, really important if you want to know - what to write about on a fashion blog?!

Along with the skill to generate content ideas, you also need to bring a balance of technical and creative properties in your writing style. Your writing should be appealing to your audience and match the competition of the digital world at the same time. Compromising on writing skills can make your blog fade away in the vast online world.

Here are a few guides that will answer “what, why and how” of blog writing for you:

4. Get ready to manage SEO of your blog

Among all the fashion blogging tips, this is the most important one. In fact, every blogger should know the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization includes all the techniques that help your website obtain high rankings on Google and other search engines. It also helps in building a strong audience reach for your blog.

When you are thinking about fashion blogging, SEO is a valuable weapon to carry.

Here are a few SEO concepts that you should learn when you want to make a fashion blog:

Here is a complete SEO guide for you:

5. Grow your fashion presence on social media

You already know that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others are amazing to promote your fashionable personality.

But there is no need to wait until you start your fashion blog. Promoting yourself as a fashion blogger on social media gives a perfect kick-start to your blogging career. You can build a huge community with your fashion presence on social media. And that same community becomes your blog audience.

It is all about building loyalty with a consistent and long-term presence. Your audience should start looking at you as a fashion expert even before you start a fashion blog.

So, until now, we have covered all the basic fashion blogging tips that will prepare you in the right direction.

Now, let’s discuss the best features of the top fashion blogs.

How to start a fashion blog- top fashion blogs show the right path

1. Work on a simple but memorable blog name

Deciding the name of your blog is the most critical part in the beginning. A blog name fulfills multiple purposes:

  • Giving a name to remember
  • Informing about blog niche
  • Creating a unique and distinctive image

In order to achieve all those purposes, a blog name needs to be simple and catchy at the same time. One fashion blog that has done an amazing job in this department is What My Boyfriend Wore.

The name “What My Boyfriend Wore” is simple, memorable, and presents the blog in a unique light as well. Moreover, it has the capacity to engage both male and female audiences, which works in the favor of this fashion blog.

So, you should aim for simplicity and memorability when expressing the idea of your fashion blog with a name.

2. Instagram is the best friend of your fashion website

Ask any expert for fashion blogging tips, they all will tell you to have a strong presence on Instagram.

Being a picture-based platform, Instagram offers a great opportunity to post quality images and improve your fashion audience circle. The consistency and authenticity of posting on Instagram can take your official blog to a whole new level of success.

With Instagram posting:

  • You can engage with a wide range of audience.
  • Allow people to follow your fashion ideas.
  • Get more sales opportunities for your collections.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog.
  • Collaborate with other fashion bloggers.

If you look at the Instagram page of a fashion blog Kyrzaydayou will clearly understand the value of Instagram posting.


With consistent posting, Kyrzayda Rodriguez has more than 250k followers on Instagram. That strong community directly improves the authenticity of her fashion website.

3. Site design should match your fashion statement

The site design probably holds the maximum importance in fashion blogging niche. You can’t have a boring business theme and expect visitors to look at you as a creative person.

The design of the site works as a canvas for a fashion blogger. A theme that complements your style statement is very important to make your pictures look more appealing. So, achieving style, elegance and relevance should be your goal while looking for your blog theme.

One Dapper Street has a design that fits perfectly into the fashion category. The font used in the name complements the men’s fashion niche. Furthermore, the locations of the images alternate from left to right as you go down, which keeps the layout visually appealing.

one dapper street site design

So, how to start a fashion blog with an appealing theme?!

When picking a theme for your fashion blog, always focus on the following features:

  • Colors in the theme
  • Font of the words
  • Visual appeal of the layout
  • Graphical properties
  • Customizability

4. Having your own blog host offers authenticity

Free blog hosting platforms are not at all effective when you have a long-term fashion blogging plan. If you take your blogging seriously, then, make sure people take you seriously too.

You can look at any of the fashion blogs and see that they all use a self-hosted platform. Choosing your own host allows you to have a personal domain name (for example- This makes your site look more authentic and people take you as a real deal.

Getting audience loyalty, improving your collaboration chances and many other business opportunities depend on the hosting you have.

Here is a guide to help you select a domain name:

5. Showcasing your true personality makes you stand out

Readers don’t just fall in love with the fashion, they become a fan of the blogger as well. A strong relationship becomes possible when a blogger presents his or her genuine personality without faking.

With a popular fashion blog Girl with CurvesTanesha Awasthi has created a huge community in the plus-size fashion zone. She enables women to showcase their best version with outfit suggestions, make-up tips, and other hacks.

girl with curves

6. Best content is the one that matches audiences’ need

Knowing your audience is the first step towards creating engaging fashion content on your blog. You can go beyond posting images and writing blogs if you know what your target audience is looking for.

Ashleigh Hutchinson has been able to do that incredibly on her blog, The Daileigh. She offers ebooks on fashion, guides to creating a blog, workbooks and many other varieties of content.

the daileigh It is extremely important to pinpoint what your target audience wants in order to plan your blog’s content, products, and services.

7. Sharing a piece of your life helps you connect with the audience

Sharing your life with your audience is a great way to connect with them. Your life experiences, daily lifestyle, habits, and many other small topics create a huge difference.

The blog Hello Fashion focuses on each and every part of a woman’s lifestyle. The fashion blogger Christine Andrew talks about women’s fashion, motherhood, relationships, maternity, fitness, home décor and many other topics. Her comprehensive approach towards fashion and life makes her a valuable blogger for her audiences.

hello fashion

8. Two-way communication builds loyalty

Engaging with your readers comes within top fashion blogging tips for sure. But there is one fashion blog that has taken it to a whole new level.

The blog, Chronicles of Her showcases a page dedicated to the two-way communication with the readers. Fashion blog Carmen Hamilton asks fashion and lifestyle questions to her readers on the “talk it out” page. Including conversation driving topics, she allows her community of readers to connect with each other, making her blog a strong platform.

chronicles of her

9. Fashion and travel can go hand in hand

Fashion and travel are the two of the biggest markets that attract readers in the digital world. The creativity to include both of them together can bring a huge traffic to your site on a regular basis.

The blog that uses this idea seamlessly is Sincerely Jules. Presenting outfit options matched with various destinations, fashion blogger Julie Sariñana makes her holiday and trips a fashionable experience for her followers.

sincerely jules

10. Videos make your blog 10 times better

Video content receives a wider range of audience online. Explaining tips, tricks and hacks become much less complicated when you have a video medium. That’s why smart bloggers use video content in fashion blogging.

Leveraging the video medium to its fullest, the blog Style Me Grasie covers fashion, acting, lifestyle, and care tips. The blog videos are embedded from their YouTube channel, which allows visitors to watch videos conveniently on the blog. 

style me grasie

Here is a comprehensive guide to start and manage your YouTube channel:

11. Extreme marketing confirms success

Post as much as you can, and market it even more. All the other fashion blogging tips won’t work if you don’t follow this one. But if you do, your blog will reach the global fashion blog scene within a few years only.

Methods of marketing your fashion blog:

  • Creating a Facebook page of your blog
  • Posting on Pinterest and Instagram
  • Connecting on Twitter
  • Using email marketing

The mentioned ones are just the basics that you can start with. However, as your blog grows, you can move towards media promotions, collaborations, and affiliate marketing as well.

With her focus towards consistency in marketing, Erica Choi has made her fashion blog, Egg Canvas, one of the best within a very short time. She started her blog in 2014 and has obtained thousands of followers in the digital world, exposure in multiple media outlets and a vast community around her blog. And it has all been possible due to her disciplined way of presenting quality content and marketing.

Successful people leave a map behind their path to success. All you have to do is follow the same path and you will reach the same destination.

Hopefully, you have learned valuable tricks on how to start a fashion blog and make it popular.