How To Empower Your SEO With Continuous Unique Content

How To Empower Your SEO With Continuous Unique Content

Can you write unique content for SEO in bulk?! Again and again and again!

Probably every SEO suggestion blog post includes the necessity of quality content. Having continuous availability of unique content on your blog or website gets you better reward points on search engines.

So, how to write unique content?

The actual struggle lies in producing continuously without reducing the quality of the content. You start with a bang and write ten or maybe 20 posts with enthusiasm, but then, the ideas start lacking uniqueness.

This has been the reason for the destruction of many blogs and websites.

If you want to bring the continuity in your writing, you need to follow a process. Yes, there is a systematic process to master the writing skills. Once you have added that a systematic approach to your writing, both the readers and the search engines bless you with rewards.

So, here we have assembled the systematic approach that you need in order to empower your writing. Pay close attention to these Content writing tips for SEO and create electrifying content continuously.

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1. Never stop researching

You need high-quality content and you need it in bulk.

To achieve that goal, your bag should be full of content ideas all the time. Researching and reading constantly allow your brain to develop a unique point of view about the relevant topics. You not only have an unlimited source of the idea but also achieve the ability to give your own voice to the content.

Here is one habit that would help you research like a pro and keep on writing original content.

Keep collecting new information

The information is the food for your brain and the idea is the outcome of that. You need to provide the food your brain wants in order to collect multiple content ideas on a regular basis.

The brain stores every information you see, but doesn’t let you remember it all the time. So, you need an external collection of information to cook new content ideas.

To constantly collect new information relevant to the content, you require:

  • Read a lot and save the relevant URLs of the content pages.
  • Pick the points, on which, you want to write.
  • Find additional information related to selected points.
  • Write down the gist of the content before writing it to the full length.

As you read, think and write, your brain starts developing its own voice for the topic. And eventually, when you sit down to write the full-length content, the points will come automatically out. That’s how you create real and unique content.

2. Develop your own style

Achieving a unique style is the ultimate goal any ambitious writer or blogger. If you are still to find your natural style, make sure you follow the right procedure to evolve as a writer. Here is how to write unique articles by finding your own style.

Don’t copy, but imitate

No matter what type of content you want to write, the initial practice should start by imitating the ones you admire.

Remember, the suggestion is to imitate not copy!

Copying leads you nowhere as a writer and also harms the SEO of your website. The real idea is to analyze the writers you admire and pick the style they have.

Follow these steps:

  • Find around 5 to 6 of the favorite content writers of yours who write on the relevant topics.
  • Collect their best work and start reading to analyze.
  • Study how they start their content. Study the first lines very closely.
  • Understand the flow of the content.
  • In what sequence, they represent the ideas.
  • And most importantly, how they lead the content to its conclusion.

Now, you can practice on your own. Pick various topics to write and keep the format same like your favorite writers.

Do this regularly and analyze your own written content. Eventually, your writing style will evolve, helping your website or blog to become much better in terms of content uniqueness.

3. Don’t make it difficult to read

We all know how important role social media plays in the SEO performance of a website. Delivering engaging content wins you more shares on social media, gaining better visibility on search engines. Google keeps a close eye on how many people like or share your content. So, it becomes a necessity to create engaging content.

But you know all of that. What you need to know is how to keep your content away from being difficult. For that, you should understand two important factors: the length and the depth.


The length of the content is the number of words you have in the copy of the content.


Depth is the level of detail you provide to the content.

To keep the content engaging, you need to find the balance between the length and the depth of the content. Every topic has an optimum number of words to get covered completely. And just like that, the length of the content decides how deep you should go into detail.

While writing, you should keep these two points in mind:

  • For the content length of 100 to 500, try to cover the high-level points.
  • And for the content length more than 500, you can add more and more detailed discussion to the points you are adding.

4. Give your own angle to the trendy topics for unique content writing

For better SEO ranking, you are required to cover trendy topics in your niche. But most bloggers and writers make the mistake of just repeating the same thing in their own words. It doesn’t add much value. The readers don’t find it interesting, so they don’t share or like your content.

If you start taking the trendy topics as if they are a conversation between the experts in the community, you can add your own angle to it. Just like you do while having a conversation with your friends.

5. Give an appealing title to grab the attention

The title is the ‘most’ important part of the content. Because it leads the potential reader from search engine to the post page. So, the title of the content should have the capacity to tell what’s in the content in an interesting way.

To get the clarity of the message along with the attractiveness, you can go for one of the following title styles:

  • How To….
  • Top 10 (list of something)…
  • Why…..
  • Secrets of….
  • Best of….

Starting your titles with one of these styles can get you more clicks on the post. The rest, of course, depends on the quality and presentation of the content inside.

6. Give all your expertise to the first sentence

Having so much information available, people don’t easily spend their time on everything. You need to get the hold of the attention with the first sentence of the content.

  • Let it create some questions in the minds of the readers.
  • Use it as the link between the title and the rest of the content.
  • Don’t mislead or manipulate. Keep it as smooth as possible.

For example: See the first sentence of this post.

“Can you write unique content in bulk?! Again and again and again!”

Now, analyze if it has all the traits in it!

Notice that the first sentence alone has a one-word answer. You can either they ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and move on. But it is the title that empowers the first sentence and leads you forward.

So, the idea is to give the second push towards the content after the reader lands on the page.

7. Edit and update

Keeping your content great requires constant editing and updates. Keep adding new information to the older posts. This will reduce the amount of low-quality content on your site and save you from panda effect. Investing around two to three hours daily in updating your older posts would be a wise move.

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Always remember that it is always the simple words that create the magic. So, keep that thought in mind and follow the right approach to create unique content.

Hopefully, this post will help you produce unique written content and better SEO performance.