Instagram SEO: How To Become Instagram Famous

Instagram SEO: How To Become Instagram Famous

This is a NO JOKE Instagram SEO guide.

You will find out:

  • Top Instagram trends in 2019
  • How to create an Instagram account?
  • Instagram bio writing
  • Attractive profile creation
  • Hashtag search and selection
  • Instagram content types
  • Instagram stories optimization
  • How to get real followers on Instagram?
  • Instagram post frequency
  • Best Instagram SEO tools

We have a lot to cover, so let’s start right now!

Top Instagram trends 2019

Are hashtags enough for Instagram SEO 2019?

Can you increase followers just by posting regularly?

These and many other questions keep on making Instagram users think.

To become Instagram famous, you need to understand the latest trends of this battleground first.

Content trends on Instagram

  • More than 400 million users post Instagram stories for their followers.
  • Photos and videos still get the majority of attention on Instagram.
  • Your IGTV videos will appear in your feed.
  • Sponsored content quantity has increased on Instagram.
  • Cinemagraphs/moving images are gradually growing on Instagram.

Hashtag trends on Instagram

  • Users combine a mix of long hashtags, short hashtags, and location-based hashtags.
  • Branded hashtags are on a rise in 2019 to influence user-generated Instagram content.
  • More and more people “follow hashtags” to find relevant content.
  • Most people don’t include all 30 (allowed number of hashtags) on their posts.

Influencer trends on Instagram

  • Brands evaluate the authenticity of influencers before collaborating.
  • An influencer has to have real and relevant followers in order to attract brands for collaboration.
  • Per post engagement level also matters for a campaign’s success.
  • Brands are more interested in small influencers with less than 5,000 relevant and genuine followers.

Business trends on Instagram

  • The Shopping Feature on Instagram allows users to directly buy products.
  • The growth of people buying directly on Instagram is slow but gradual.
  • Shopping features are also becoming a part of Stories.

Advertising trends on Instagram

  • Ads on Instagram Stories are the biggest trend to follow in 2019.
  • Short ads that immediately make a point work best on Instagram.
  • Less text, interesting video, and an impacting voiceover are the keys to successful advertising on Instagram.
  • Background music seems to have a great impact.
  • People use Instagram as a search tool to find products and services.

How to create Instagram account?

You can install the Instagram app or use your computer to create an account. The steps are pretty simple and straightforward.

According to Instagram Help Center, this is how you can create your Instagram account.

how to create instagram account

How to SEO Instagram bio?

Instagram SEO begins with the process of optimizing your bio.

I have broken Instagram bio SEO into simple steps for you.

Username – one core keyword with brand power

Username becomes the brand name you create for your Instagram account.

The username also appears on the URL address of your profile-

Also, the username helps more people find your profile on the platform.

So, no need to say that username plays a big SEO role on your Instagram account.

The username is combined with the Name Field as well.

instagram bio seo example

Now, let’s talk about how to create a username and name field?

  • Think of one keyword that defines your Instagram brand purpose.
  • Use your keyword in such a manner that it gives a brand power to your Name Field.

For example, if you look at the above-mentioned image, Amanda Cerny has leveraged “fit” keyword with her own name.

CERNY FIT (@cernyfit)

“Cerny” has obtained a brand power in the Instagram world due to her account @amandacerny.

So, she smartly combines it with the fitness keyword “fit” to get great traffic to this profile.

Profile bio – Interesting, actionable with a branded hashtag

First of all, look at this great profile bio of FashionNovaMen.

instagram bio writing

Now, I will dissect this bio for SEO purposes.

  • It specifically explains the niche and service of the brand.
  • You can see the meaningful use of emojis.
  • There is a branded hashtag “#FashionNovaMEN”.
  • It contains a clear call-to-action with official site URL.

You only get 150 characters to write your profile bio.

In those 150 characters, you have to combine brand power, promotion, SEO and make it all interesting as well.

You can share your experience, skills, products, services, interests and/or hobbies. Pick your bio purpose, depending on your purpose of making an Instagram profile.

Emojis, when smartly put, allow you to say a lot with fewer characters. Use them to emphasize important points. Or, make smart emoji selections as your bullet points.

branded hashtag is an important Instagram SEO move. It brings more traffic to your posts and creates a whole community around your brand. Every time someone searches for your branded hashtag, a whole list of contents appears from your profile.

Call-to-action is an action you want your audiences to proceed with. In a few words, tell them “what to do” and how. Give a link to your official site or other social media profiles.

Go back above to see the FashionNovaMen bio once again. This time, you will understand each SEO key factor of writing a profile bio.

How to make Instagram profile attractive?

Let’s talk about Instagram profile tips to make it more attractive.

Combination of feed layouts

The method you choose to represent your feed creates an overall impact.

To impress profile visitors and increase followers, you should make your feed layout interesting.

This impressive article at The Preview App explains different types of Instagram grid layoutsYou can choose the following feed layouts:

Squares- photos with same color scheme and filter.

Diagonal- following a diagonal photo and color scheme.

Tiles- alternating photos with “quote pictures”.

Row- following a theme for each row.

Middle Line- Themed images on either side of a row with a quote image in the middle.

Rainbow Feed- filling your feed layout with colorful pictures.

Borders- Use white-colored circular, rectangular or square borders around your images.

Puzzle- interesting photos that work as puzzle pieces of a grand feed image.

Get a little creative and find a combination of 2 or more layout types for an attractive Instagram profile.

Stand out with a unique personality

The layout is just a way of arranging your photos.

But, the actual impact happens with eye-catching photos that let you stand out.

You should analyze your favorite Instagram profiles to get inspired by the photos they post.

Use the inspiration, but also find a unique personality to showcase your Instagram content.

Inspire your audiences

Captions are beneficial in terms of audience engagement and Instagram SEO.

However, your profile feed doesn’t showcase the captions. The audiences can only see a series of photos there.

So, you should make each and every photo meaningful.

Each photo on your feed should convey one of the following:

  • Motivation
  • Humor
  • Story
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle

And other objectives!

No need to say that you can choose a combination of ways to inspire your audiences.

The idea is to make audiences understand the meaning of a photo without even reading its caption.

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram has its own search engine, which makes it more than just a picture sharing social media.

Instagram search and hashtags

A hashtag (#) is used in the search section of Instagram to find content.

You can choose a keyword with a hashtag and the result shows “Top Posts” and “Most Recent” posts.

It looks like this:

hashtag search on instagram

From the beginning of December 2017, it has been made possible to follow Instagram hashtags.

following instagram hashtags

Your target audience is out there following hashtags. You just have to use those hashtags to engage them.

The world of Instagram explore page

Instagram also has a recommendation section known as the Explore page.

This page uses your interests on Instagram to showcase the most engaging content related to that.

So, this page resembles everything you like, watch or search for on Instagram.

How can you use this to increase Instagram engagement?!

The algorithms understand the users already. All you have to do is indicate the relevance of your content with hashtags to get it trending.

So, when you ask- How to rank on Instagram?

It all comes down to the process of finding hashtags and using them smartly.

Now, you know why you need Instagram SEO to attain engagement and popularity.

Best way to find Instagram hashtags

Search Instagram tags: Go to the “Tags” section on Instagram and search a hashtag that seems relevant to your post.

search instagram tags

Make a list of broad hashtags: As per your purpose, collect hashtags with 1 million or more posts.

finding broad hashtags on instagram

Make a list of narrow/specific hashtags: Increase your chances of ranking on the explore page with narrow hashtags. These hashtags can have between 10K-100K and 100K-1M posts.

finding narrow hashtags on instagram

Follow relevant hashtags: You can follow relevant hashtags to understand popular content types and related hashtags.

follow hashtags

Stalk your competitors: Study the mix of broad and narrow hashtags used by your competitors.

Update your list: Make a list of hashtags, so you can avoid overusing. But make sure you update it consistently by redoing all the above-mentioned steps.

Tips to use hashtags on Instagram to rank

  • Organize a list and ensure not to spam with same hashtags in every post.
  • Experiment with different numbers of hashtags to see what works for you.
  • Balance with a combination of broad and narrow hashtags.
  • Keep digging Instagram search for related niche hashtags.
  • Use branded hashtags for business campaigns.
  • Increase post engagement with specific hashtags.

What are the content types to post on Instagram?

From the content perspective, you should try to stand out on Instagram.

But to do so, you have to have the knowledge of different types of content possible on Instagram.

This is a straight-up list of Instagram content types you can use:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Carousel Ads
  • Live Videos
  • Stories
  • Story Polls
  • Paid Partnership
  • User-generated
  • Tutorials
  • Competition

Instagram SEO friendly approach would be- try and cover every type of content. Create a strong foundation of image, videos, and stories, then, jump to other kinds of content as well.

How to optimize Instagram stories?

These days, people are pumped up about Instagram stories. Everyone is using them and everyone wants to gain the most out of it.

So, we need to dig into the Instagram stories SEO as well!

Optimizing your Instagram stories needs a few key ingredients-

  • Hashtags
  • Location
  • Poll stickers
  • Call-to-action

While hashtags and CTAs are necessary, you are free to decide when to use location and poll stickers.

Let’s understand the significance of each story SEO element!

Hashtag stickers: You can create clickable hashtag stickers on your stories. These hashtags let your users find more of your content related to that particular tag. This is a perfect way to insert branded hashtags and increase Instagram engagement.

instagram story hashtags

Location stickers: Have a store?! Drop its clickable location in your stories. One click on this sticker will take your audiences to user-generated posts including your store tag.

location sticker instagram stories

Poll stickers: You can use a variety of poll stickers to engage audiences via Instagram stories.

emoji polls intagram stories

poll sticker instagram stories

Call-to-action: Use your stories to increase subscribers, sell products or any other CTA with its “Swipe Up” feature.

swipe up instagram stories

Now, you have all the Instagram stories best practices to get more engagement and conversion.

Let’s move to “getting followers on Instagram”.

How to get followers on Instagram fast?

Here are your tricks to increase followers on Instagram at different stages of profile strength:

First 100 followers

  • Attract with your bio and initial posts.
  • Post content on a regular basis.
  • Ask your friends, family and/or employees to follow.
  • Use more specific hashtags with a few broader ones.
  • Experiment with different content styles and themes to judge what attracts followers.

First 1000 followers

  • Keep using the previous tips.
  • Start following the followers of your competitor profiles. About 20% of them will follow you back. Then, you can unfollow the rest after a while.
  • Comment on relevant posts and interact with people.

First 10,000 followers

  • Keep using the previous tips.
  • Start using all different content types possible on Instagram.
  • Switch to the business account and invest in Instagram ads.
  • Connect with influencers via comments, messages, and posts to build a good relationship.
  • Ask your audiences to tag your profile in their posts. Give them a reason to do so.
  • Create posts, in which, followers can tag their friends. For example, “Tag a friend who needs to chill a little bit.”
  • Giveaways can increase your brand reach as well.

Beyond 10,000 followers

  • Keep using the previous tips.
  • Drive traffic from external platforms. For example, you can start a fashion blog to increase traffic to your Instagram profile.
  • Praise influencers by tagging them in a relevant post.
  • Keep creating awesome content to retain your existing followers and attract new ones.

How often to post on Instagram?

You will come across many infographics and guides giving you a fixed number of posts per day or per week.

I strongly suggest you avoid that.

No formula can fit all different niches, hashtag sets or the location where your target market lies.

So, how often should you post on Instagram?

Only YOU can figure out a perfect number for your account. Your followers will align their expectations around your post frequency.

You can post 3 times a day or once a week, but don’t change the frequency. It is more about being consistent than posting too much.

If you regularly post 5 times a week and suddenly decrease it to once a week, it will reduce audience engagement.

From Instagram SEO perspective, you should experiment with post frequency in the initial phase of your account. Then, stick to a frequency, which you can follow in the long run.

What are the best useful Instagram SEO tools?

Here are a few Instagram SEO tools to help you increase engagement with lesser effort.

Unfold: A toolkit to create videos and stories with elegant templates.

MagistoAdvanced video editor with exceptional features to make video content easily available.

Keyword Tool: Find top trending hashtags with this Instagram hashtags generator keyword tool.

SocialbakersFind Instagram influencers for free, using this search engine.

Social Audit ProUse this tool to analyze the followers of any profile to ensure that you only target active users on Instagram.

Ready to become Instagram famous?!

You have a comprehensive SEO guide to Instagram popularity.

Now, simply decide what you want to offer with your Instagram account.

With that idea, you can follow this guide for sustainable results on Instagram.