Link Building SEO: Guide To Become A Master From A Beginner

Link Building SEO: Guide To Become A Master From A Beginner

Learning link building tips is perhaps the most important part of becoming an SEO expert for your own website.

But link building for beginners seems like a mystery unless they follow a step-by-step process of learning.  

In order to achieve the mastery, you have to start attaining knowledge from the very basics. Then, you can move to the advanced and complex methods for strong and long-term results.

In one sentence, you need a guide to cross the bridge of link building SEO.

And this guide is going to do the same for you. The post will offer you the necessary steps, to become a master from a beginner.

Let’s start now.

What is link building SEO?

In simple words, “Link building SEO is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites.”

A link or the hyperlink allows the reader to move from one page, on the internet, to the other. This helps the reader to attain valuable knowledge on his or her query by going through a path of a systematically arranged trail of informational pieces.

To understand a page’s value search engine crawl the content as well as the value of that content in the internet world. This is when the links come in. Google analyzes the links that lead to a piece of content to know its reputation in the digital world.

Hence, backlinks have gained an important place in the SEO techniques.

What makes backlinks so important for SEO?

Suppose you have lost your way. After a walk through the dense forest, you reach a road. You just want to reach the nearest place where people live. But there is a catch, only one way is the right in order to go to the nearest village. And you don’t know the right way.

Suddenly, you hear the voice of the God. Yes, it’s HIM! He leads you in the right direction where you can find the right help.

That’s what Google does for the searchers. Google is like the digital God that leads people in the right direction to find relevant and valuable information that can be useful.

The search engines, especially Google puts its faith in associated links to understand the value of a page. This fact makes links an important ranking factor.

To attain higher ranks, you need a valuable webpage to offer. And to gain the authoritativeness and value, you need to be loved by the valuable members of the digital world society. It is exactly like the social life where you are perceived according to the kind of people you surround yourself with.

The need to exist in the digital world makes link building for beginners an extremely important SEO skill to learn. Without that, you can't attain a strong place for your website, blog or portal online.

This is the reason why getting links from authoritative platforms have become one of the major SEO tasks for every website these days.

link building SEO infographic

What factors dominate link building in 2018?

Among all the search engines, Google is the one that relies heavily on link analysis to evaluate a page. And it has evolved since the 90s the way of analyzing the links.

If you want to understand link building for beginners in 2018, there are a variety of factors to think about. Various factors blend together in a balanced way to tell Google all about your page.

Let’s have a look at the dominating factors of link building SEO:

1. The quality of the link

Getting information is not enough, it is also important who gives you that information. And Google has taken the responsibility of doing that.

Google counts the quality of the link attached to a content piece. Some links considered more effective than the other. Gaining the link from a respected website gives more weight to your page than a low-quality website. 

Similarly, the relevance of the link location to your site matters a lot as well. This is how Google comes to the conclusion regarding the quality of the link your web page has.

2. Anchor text or the link text

The words used within a link are called the link text or the anchor text.

The anchor text becomes the key for Google to understand the purpose of a web page. Similar words from various websites inform Google what people think about your web page. This is like different people giving your name when asked about a specific information. Hence, the words used within the link matters a lot.

3. Number of links

Maybe not as important as the quality, but the number of links matter too.

However, getting praise from a hundred people is much better than having one person praising you thousand times. So, the number of links from 100 different sites are much more effective than, having 100 links from one site only.

There has been a steady decrease in the importance of the number of links. But not enough to start neglecting it. You still need good numbers of links from authoritative platforms. Google has become smart enough to detect the wrong tactics to attain a high number of links. Hence, the methods are required to be as genuine as possible.

Like any other SEO technique, there are both right and the wrong ways of achieving all these factors. So, let’s talk about the wrong ways first.

What are link building mistakes you need to avoid?

When starting fresh, link building for beginners can seem confusing. Sometimes that confusion leads to a few mistakes as well. Knowing those mistakes is the best way to start your strategy for link building SEO. This way, you can save yourself from the common blunders that always harm in the long run.

Try to avoid following link structure mistakes:

1. Links from nonauthoritative or irrelevant websites

This is the most critical mistake that you can make while making efforts. A site that doesn’t have a quality reputation in the digital world should be associated with you. Similarly, a site that is irrelevant to your business also serves no positive purpose in SEO.

Both the conditions have consequences. The search engines definitely start becoming suspicious about the authority and the value of your website with these sorts of links.

2. Low count of dofollow links

Search engines, especially Google, require you to have a good amount of quality dofollow links. Nofollow web links don’t serve the purpose when you are trying to get rewards from Google. So, it is important to spend time and efforts to achieve quality dofollow links for your website.

3. Not using your nearest resources

Marketing in the digital world has the same foundational components just as any other offline market.

Website owners sometimes forget that and skip the most valuable resources such as the customers, employees, clients, friends, and family as well. These relationships can work for you to initialize the backlink strategies for your website.

4. Waiting for it to happen

If you assume that your quality content will automatically start getting links. It is not going to happen. You need to promote your content and take it to the right audiences in order to get the links. Sitting back and waiting does nothing for you. Initialization is the key to start the cycle here.

5. Buying links

Never works in a long run. With the advanced algorithms, Google has its ways to find out about the bought links. You can’t attain long term results with it. In fact, it increases the chances of getting banned from the search engines. So, focusing on genuine links would be a wise idea always.

6. Trying to get the perfect anchor text

Though anchor text is an important backlink factor, you shouldn’t push exact anchor text when outreaching. This reduces the chances of getting links from a potential platform.

Even Google feels suspicious about an over-optimized link with exact keyword anchor text.

On the other hand, an anchor text that fits well in a sentence looks more organic. Hence, you should avoid asking for perfect anchor text when requesting.

7. Exchanging links with other platforms

Link exchange is a popular link building method in the digital world. In fact, it is effective to some extent. However, many site owners dig a hole for themselves by exchanging links with every possible platform. This mistake can kill the chances of ranking high due to irrelevant backlinks. So, you can’t abuse this method. Google bots have become more and more intelligent towards such scams. Too many exchanges can make your site look spammy.

8. Focusing too much on random directories

Directories generally don’t offer high-quality backlinks. However, you can obtain quality links from authoritative directories.

But it is necessary to avoid directories that are random. Many link builders start focusing solely on directories, as it seems easier than other link building methods.

Just remember, a low-quality directory backlink is never a great solution for long-term benefit. Hence, try to be really selective with this approach.

How to leverage different types of link building to your advantage?

Depending upon the location and source, links serve different purposes. The difference in the purpose puts the links into various categories.

When you know about the different types of backlinks, it gets easier for you to leverage them.

1. Traffic providing links

When you expose your pages to some of the high traffic platforms, it helps you drive traffic from that page to your own website. To attain such links, techniques such as blog posts, text links, forum posts, social media mentions and others can become helpful. However, it all comes down to your ability to find relevant and high traffic platforms.

There are various tools to determine the traffic of a site. However, you can definitely start with Google AdPlanner, which is free and reliable as well. With the help of this tool, you can select the most valuable sites to gain high traffic links from.

Keep these 3 points in mind to gain valuable traffic providing links:

  • Free, paid ads, dofollow and nofollow, all can help you generate more traffic. Try to get all types if possible.
  • The sites with high traffic of the relevant traffic are the key to leveraging the links.
  • Authentic and genuine, but well-formed script helps in getting the attention of the websites.

2. Rank enhancing links

Rank enhancers are the dofollow links that you get from the relevant pages. One important trait of these links is that they have to have the target keyword phrase in the anchor text. For instance, if you want to attain high ranks for “Baking tips”, then, the phrase should be there in the anchor text of the link.

To attain ranking elevating links, you need to establish effective backlink strategies. There are a few effective ways to get these types of links for your target keyword:

  • Guest blogging for the relevant and authoritative platforms and add your link. Make sure you provide anchor text in the content, or in the author bio.
  • Try to find the broken links in the directories and contact the website with the links to your relevant post.
  • Create a list of relevant platforms and email them with a compelling script. Shows your regard and inform how your content can enhance the value of their page.
  • Market your articles to generate organic links from highly authoritative pages.

3. Authority building links

Though the rank enhancers and traffic links improve the authoritativeness of your website, you can do more. The authority building links are the ones that have the name of your company in the anchor text. This can also be called branding technique in the digital world. No matter what you call them, but these links become extremely helpful in making your company name famous and become reputed.

These links don’t just include your official website. You should get them for your social profiles, blogs and other relevant pages along with the website. These links help you send more information about your overall business to the search engines.

To achieve authority building links, there are a few things you should care about:

  • Interlink your social profiles with your official website and with each other as well.
  • Mention your company name in the anchor text while leveraging blog commenting.
  • Include URL of your website and social profile links in valuable and relevant directories.
  • Where it suits relevant to ensure that you present your company name as a brand.

Further reading:

Are you ready now?

You have it all about the link building SEO techniques now. From basics to the advanced knowledge, you can use it in your favor. The key is to understand the purpose and create strategies that can help you fulfill each and every purpose one by one.