90+ Best Link Building Tools Your Competitors Are Using For SEO In 2019

90+ Best Link Building Tools Your Competitors Are Using For SEO In 2019

You know your SEO rankings and authority depend widely on link building, right?!

Industry competitors are using the best link building tools. Why shouldn’t you do it too?!

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Here is a comprehensive guide to more than 90 backlink tools in a categorized manner.

The Ultimate one-stop list of Best link building tools 2019

Onsite backlink analysis tools

Backlink analysis of your site to audit previous efforts and design future strategies.

  • AhrefsThough Ahrefs is known as a comprehensive SEO tool, its backlink analysis features can skyrocket your link building strategies. Ahrefs allows you to analyze backlinks, source domains and saves from spam sources. It crawls more than 4 million pages in 60 seconds only.
  • Link DetoxRecovering from penalties and adjusting your link profile become much easier with Link Detox. This tool audits your site and keeps its backlink profile in check.
  • Webmaster Tools from GoogleTracking analytics and offering valuable backlink data, this tool offers unimaginable guides and data to help you build a strong link building strategy. And it all comes with no investment at all.
  • RmoovTo keep your backlink profile updated, removing old and outdated backlinks is extremely important. Rmoov helps you do that. Hence, this one should be in your bag of SEO link building tools for sure. 
  • Cognitive SEO: Cognitive SEO work as your advanced backlink checker. Tacking link profiles and saving from potential penalties. This tool is a quick remedy for your weak link profile.  
  • WhoLinks2Me: Making link data simple to attain, this is one of the best link building tools out there for sure. You can simply add your site URL and obtain data on rankings, backlinks and top keywords.
  • Linkstant: Managing available links and gaining more links from same sources requires hours of work. But not when you have Linkstant. This tool sends alerts on email whenever you obtain a backlink. So, you can connect with websites and build a strong relationship.  
  • SEO Spyglass: When looking for link building tools, this one should be on your radar for sure. Why?! It has both free and paid versions for your onsite backlink analysis. 
  • Linkody: Linkody brings automation to link analysis on your site. You find out about every gained or lost link. Plus, reports on bad links and other metrics help you make smart link building planning.  
  • SEO Site Checkup: Link data analysis simplifies with SEO Site Checkup. This tool takes care of consistent monitoring of backlinks and presenting aggregated data in terms of quality, relevance, and performance.
  • Microsite MastersWithout desired results, no backlink is useful. But how can you understand the success of backlinks?! This tool answers this question with comprehensive link building reports. 
  • SEOptimerThis free tool is useful when you want to analyze your site’s performance in terms of link building and obtain genuinely useful suggestions to improve your efforts. 
  • Rank Trackr: Boosted rankings show that your backlink tactics are working. Hence, choosing this tool is a logical move to make rank tracking easier. Significant data related to rankings will help you modify your link building tactics.  
  • Disavow.it: Disavowing links is one of the hectic jobs, but it is essential too. This tool enables you to create a list of URLs you want to disavow and send all of them to Google Search Console in a few seconds only.  
  • Remove'emWhen bad links bring penalties to your site, this tool comes handy. Analyzing thousands of backlinks, this tool makes link sorting easier.  

Competitor analysis and link tracking tools

Know where your competitors get backlinks from

  • MozBarMozBar offers instant data regarding your competitors. This is one of those daily link building tools that improve your competitive knowledge with authority scores, number of links and other valuable information.  
  • AhrefsIt would be wrong not to talk about Ahrefs in competitor analysis of link building. Leaving all other link building tools behind, this one presents core data of competitors in front of you. Link growth, top pages with backlinks, new links, broken links, lost links, you name it! Ahrefs has everything to offer about your competitors.
  • SEMRushKnown as one of the best SEO tools, SEMRush also works amazingly as your backlink tool, competitor research, and link tracking. You can find out about trending content across your market, traffic distribution, and backlink profiles of your competitors.
  • Detailed: Detailed is where magic happens with in-depth reports on sites that share and link to other sites in a variety of niches. This knowledge opens a floodgate of link building opportunities for you. 
  • Advanced Link Manager: An advanced competitor analysis makes your strategies and campaigns more effective. This tool is ready to help you find best possible link opportunities with a few clicks only.
  • URL ProfilerThis one is perfect to analyze hundreds of URLs for backlinks, domain authority, number of social shares and even readability. Information-packed reports have made this one of the most popular SEO link building tools in the market.
  • LinkDexLinkDex has everything that you want to analyze links, understand competitors’ backlink strategy and find link data. It all becomes handy when you are trying to beat competition in search rankings.
  • SE Ranking: In-depth audits, competitor analysis, and rank tracking become possible with SE Ranking. However, this one is more than SEO link building tools with many other SEO features. 
  • SEO Quake: SERP analysis with SEO Quake enables you with data comparison of domains, link evaluation and others. The tool works as an extension of your browser and you can obtain the data in a file form.
  • SerpStat: Go straight to the backlink analysis section of SerpStat to track about 2 years of backlink history along with competitors’ approach. The prices are pretty affordable too, as compared to many SEO tools in the industry.
  • SERPSExplore backlinks and align them with Google analytics, rankings, keyword analysis and much more. What else can you ask for?!
  • Raven: Digital marketing companies love this tool. An extensive analysis report regarding competitors, backlinks and weak link aspects improve backlink strategy for site owners.
  • AlexaAlexa has gained an impressive growth in a very short time. It offers special tools for competitive research, beating many link building tools in the race. 

Backlink research tools

Backlink research is about the ease of data gathering and its usefulness.

  • Open Site ExplorerAccepted as one of the best link building tools, Open Site Explorer makes backlink research a matter of seconds. You can export data related to competitors’ backlinks and audit your own site to direct your research towards success.  
  • MozPro: Another great product from Moz, this one provides streamlined reports of link performance along with ranking. MozPro is known to save a huge amount of money and time for many companies out there.  
  • Majestic SEOWant to know how to get backlinks?! Majestic SEO suggests content types and potential backlink performance for your website. Visualized graphical presentations of data make this tool effective for research work. That’s why it has more than 875 billion backlinks in the market of best link building tools.
  • Wordtracker: Your wish to make link prospector analysis automated becomes possible with Wordtracker. You can research backlink scopes in three steps only. Both free, as well as paid options, are available.
  • Fresh Link Finder: Informed decisions make your link building strategy successful. And this tool allows you to gather backlink profile data at one place. Hence, you can leverage your current profile to prospect future link building process.  
  • SEO Tools For ExcelYou will get amazed to see how effective these tools are in making your backlink research convenient. This tool will indirectly enhance your ability to research systematically and plan a backlink strategy.  
  • Ontolo: Find more link opportunities in lesser time. Yes, this tool makes that happen for you. All you need to do is put your keywords in and add your link requirements. This backlink builder handles the rest of the job on its own.  
  • Monitor Backlinks: Working as a comprehensive website backlink checker, this tool will help you cover every link research aspect. You can track and reverse engineer strategies of your competitors. Plus, build links again to recover from lost ones.
  • Scrapebox: This tool is used by professionals and freelancers for keyword research and link building research process. A great number of link prospects become visible via this tool.

Backlink contact collection tools

Finding relevant and quality contacts of sites, bloggers, journalists and other influencers to pitch new content for backlinks.

  • Haro: Haro connects you with thousands of journalists who are looking for reliable news sources. Such a big collection of contacts in one place allows you to reach out to influencers much easily and gain quality links in return. 
  • JustReachOut: Wouldn’t it be great to have lists of bloggers and journalists who are most likely to provide links to your content?! This tool happens to have that opportunity for you.
  • Ninja Outreach: Ninja Outreach also offers direct access to bloggers. This tool is new, but it has a huge network of influencers to reach out and pitch for links. No doubt Ninja Outreach is one of the best link building tools that you should have.
  • TraackrFinding people with authority over large groups of audiences becomes convenient with Traackr. It is the ultimate tool for you to create a list of individuals who are most likely to provide links to your websites.  

Content promotion tools

Promoting your content amplifies your SEO link building opportunities.

  • TriberrTriberr allows you to promote your content in a huge community on social networks. Bloggers can find influencers and improve their link authority.
  • Guest Post Tracker: How about you track and promote on more than 1000 guest posting sites. Yes, this tool allows that ability to you and makes your link profile more authoritative.  
  • FlipboardA platform where you can promote your content in a categorized manner. It exposes your content straight to your target audience.
  • Whats newAn amazing solution to update your new content in front of regular site visitors. This tool shows all new updates to your visitors since their previous visit. 

Outreach management and marketing tools

Find potential influencers and build a strong relationship with backlink partners.

  • Buzzstream: Buzzstream is all about building and managing relationships in the digital world. You can research and conduct campaigns around your content. It is one of the best link building tools to have an impressive outreach.
  • FollowerwonkMoz simplifies Twitter outreach for you with this tool. In-depth analysis of your followers, sharable reports and optimization are a few of many features.
  • Group HighThere are a very few link building tools that can match Group High’s influencer reach. Bloggers, content marketers, and many other influencers connect with each other and promote content.  
  • Blog Dash: Blogger outreach is a part of every link building plan. Blog Dash makes it happen with sponsored content marketing that reaches straight to your target audience.  
  • Muck RackMuck Rack has been chosen by thousands of brands to outreach bloggers, journalists, and create PR reports. Having such resources enables you to create content that engages influencers in your market.
  • Pitch Box: For personalized outreach and content marketing, this tool is perfect for you. It connects you directly with marketers, bloggers and content publishers and helps in managing your relationships with analytics.  
  • Blogger Link UpTargeting guest blogging in your link campaign proves to be easier with this tool.
  • Seeded Buzz: Promote your content directly to bloggers who are relevant to your business.  
  • My Blog GuestYou can include MyBlogGuest in your link building tools to outreach guest bloggers.  
  • Link AssistantYou tell Link Assistant what kind of inks you want such as directories, guest posting and others. In return, it delivers relevant lists of potential opportunities along with necessary reports.  
  • ZemantaTo get links directed towards your site, you need to reach out to relevant bloggers. Zemanta automates that process and promotes your content to targeted bloggers.
  • Linkio’s Anchor Text Suggestion ToolManaging anchor text for a growing platform is critical. Using promotional and keyword-oriented words, Linkio suggests reliable anchor text options in no time. Plus, you can leverage automation to make your campaigns easier to manage.

Email marketing tools for backlinks

Appealing email to target community gets you more backlinks than ever

  • ConvertKit: Email automation along with personalization. This is what you get with CovertKit software.
  • Boomerang: You can add Boomerang to your Gmail for email scheduling. It comes with reminders that help you manage your email outreach.
  • Mailshake: Mailshake offers beautiful templates to engage influencers via email marketing of your posts. Plus, you can leverage automated follow up process and monitor your success rate.  
  • Outreach Plus: Aligning with link building, Outreach Plus automated email outreach for you. Contact listing, pitching, and tracking improve the efficiency of email marketing for link building campaigns.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Gmail: A positive result of email outreach depends on your knowledge about the receiver. The sales navigator provided by LinkedIn allows your Gmail to obtain LinkedIn profiles of your contacts. So, you can understand their interest and improve your rapport.  
  • Feed burner: This one is a free tool offered by Google. You can use this one to notify your subscribers regarding new content updates via email.  
  • WisestampSometimes, it is your email signature that impresses your target audience. Wisestamp gives you more professional and authoritative email signatures. You can choose among a vast variety of signature templates.

Backlink opportunity search tools

Search for broken links and other opportunities all over the web.

  • Citation LabsUse it as your backlink analysis tool, or backlink checker, this one has a variety of tools to help you find link building opportunities.
  • Broken Link CheckOne of the simplest link building tools to find dead links in blogs and websites. Even the free version comes with a 3000-page check facility. After that, you can choose its paid version for relevant broken link building strategy. 
  • Broken Link Builder: Type your keyword and get hundreds of broken links within a few seconds.  
  • Check My LinksIf you desire to grab broken backlink opportunities, this one will help you with that. Add it to your Chrome and analyze pages on the web to find broken links.
  • Domain Hunter PlusThis free tool goes beyond than finding broken links. You can choose this tool to gather domains that are giving registration. It is quick and convenient, which saves you a lot of time and lets you connect with prospective domains for link building.
  • SoloSEOSolo SEO offers its link search feature that brings your link building opportunities straight from search engines.
  • DibzFind a huge number of backlink prospect list with this automated tool in seconds.  
  • Link ProspectorThis tool is an excellent solution offered by Citation Labs. It allows you the ability to research and evaluate insights before directing your efforts towards potential backlink partners.  
  • Whitespark: Among all other SEO link building tools, you can put your faith in this for local backlink opportunities. This tool is a comprehensive solution to manage reputation and win links.
  • Link Building Query Generator by BuzzStream: Simply enter your brand, keywords, and website to find link building queries.  
  • Link Suggest by SEO BookSEO Book allows you to generate queries for backlink prospecting via target keywords.  
  • SEO Diver: Analyze top ranking pages to and research keywords for backlink analysis.  
  • LinkMiner: This Chrome extension is absolutely free and allows you to find broken links directly from SERPs.  

Social promotion tools

Directed promotion of your content results in backlinks via social media.


  • Google+: Google plus is highly effective to develop your own audience community and promote content. Leverage other best link building tools with Google+ to further improve your backlink growth.
  • Twitter: Driving conversations, starting new moments and collaborating with influencers, Twitter promotion is a reliable addition to your link building strategies.
  • Facebook: Improve your following and likes on Facebook pages and get your content more visibility and links. Facebook offers valuable insights related to your post reach, shares, and likes. Hence, you can keep on modifying your content marketing strategy.
  • LinkedIn: A huge market of professionals connects via LinkedIn. Having your business page on this platform will allow you to target a variety of demographics and obtain links.
  • Pinterest: Visual content gets you maximum backlinks nowadays. Whether it is a beautiful image or infographics, Pinterest is the ultimate place to engage audiences and potential backlinks.
  • HootSuiteA single place to manage all your social media promotions. HootSuite offers a chance to obtain social media performance reports. These reports help in designing backlink campaigns according to content’s impact.
  • Buffer: Consistent visibility on social media increases the chances of finding links. Buffer allows you to do that with scheduled posting and associated insights.
  • ClickToTweetPeople love to share engaging quotes on Twitter. This tool allows you to create clickable messages in your content. It has both direct and indirect impacts on attracting backlinks.  

Content trend analysis tools

Know trending topics in your niche to make content strategy link worthy.

  • BuzzSumoBuzzSumo tells you all about topics that are trending in your market or promoted by your competitors. Reports on social shares of topics help a lot when you want to target influencers on different platforms through your content.  
  • Authority SpyOne stop solution to obtain aggregated content and associated topics from the internet.  
  • Inboundfree tool to get regular email notification of content that interests you. Plus, there is a huge community of more than 170,000 content marketers to connect with.
  • Epic BeatWith this tool, you will know which content is getting maximum comments and shares. Also, it offers you the ability to find influencers based on your target keywords.
  • Market SamuraiThough looked as a simple keyword research platform, Market Samurai enables you to find directories, articles as well as blogs to leverage as content trend research.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is an exceptional tool offered by Google. You can explore topics based on interest over time, find related topics and see geographical trends of topics too.
  • Quora: This Q&A forum has attracted every business for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is finding content trends and answering relevant questions in order to attract backlinks.  
  • Pocket: For individual content creators, this app is perfect to search and save articles to read later.  
  • FeedlyGet content related to your interest and niche and subscribe to other people’s blogs.  

Do you have any favorites?!

So, that is all on 90+ best link building tools.

Which link building tools are your favorite?! Share other tools that you use for backlinks.