7 SEO Mistakes Slowly Killing Your Content Marketing Strategy

7 SEO Mistakes Slowly Killing Your Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy without a strong SEO is not a strategy at all. The search engines are getting smarter day by day. And if you cannot marry your content strategy and SEO, it is going to be a tough road ahead.

There is no surprise in saying that you need, both marketing and SEO to push your content in the digital world. However, it is the seamless alignment of SEO content marketing that digital marketers fail to accomplish.

Content marketing objectives need to be extremely focused towards what actual people and search engines expect.

But when you have thousands of ranking factors and a vast group of target market, mistakes are inevitable.

That shouldn’t stop you from taking your content marketing plan to the desired goal.

Here are all the SEO mistakes to avoid. Plus, associated content marketing tips are also there to save you from the wrong content marketing path.

1. Gap between keyword SEO and content marketing

Problem: Not keeping the search intent in mind along with the business goals. If you don’t choose keywords carefully, it makes the developed content very difficult to market.

Every smart marketer focuses on the technical features of the keywords. The competition level, search volumes, and the potential growth are tested properly. But most of the times, site owners fail to grab the hold of the intent of the keywords.

As a result, the developed content doesn’t match the actual intent of the keywords. Which is why the content marketing goals become harder to achieve.

Solution: The keywords come with a hidden meaning or intent that searchers have. You need to include intent analysis in your keyword research. This will help in removing the gap of SEO content marketing that you currently have.

Choose keywords with the intents that align with your content and business goals. It is better to skip a high volume keyword that doesn’t match your business goals and content strategy.

2. Forgetting about SERP content competition level

Problem: Not finding the content quality already available on the target SERPs. Digital content marketing becomes almost impossible if your content is not able to compete at all.

Keyword competition tells only about the players who are playing for that phrase. But it is the SERP analysis that helps in understanding the level of content quality. Skipping that leaves you in the dark in terms of needed content length, topical coverage and other requirements.

Solution: Look at the top 5 pages that are ranking for your target SERP. Analyze the topics that are being covered and also look at SEO factors such as keyword placement, content length, and keyword density.

Along with that, try to discover the weaknesses in their content. Delivering what is not available can actually help your SEO content marketing approach. But make sure you stay within the topical and search intent boundaries.

This leads us to the next SEO mistake that content marketers make.

3. Focusing on single content perspective only

Problem: Constantly making content for one type of search intent only. If you don’t mix multiple content perspectives, it reduces the usability of your website.

Content perspective is the overall outcome of a content. The trigger that occurs after reading the content is decided by the perspective you choose. These triggers can be-

  • Awareness- User learns about your product or services and their benefits.
  • Consideration- User obtains an in-depth knowledge of your product or services.
  • Buying- User gets to know the product which helps in making the buying decision.
  • Loyalty- User becomes an admirer of the knowledge and the authority of the brand.

So, if you are constantly pushing SEO strategy to trigger ‘buying’ intent only, it will leave you with a narrow digital content strategy to play with.

Of course, the content perspective depends on the targeted keywords. So, you need to design the content strategy carefully.

Solution: Start by creating a list of outcomes you want to achieve. Also, include the extent of focus you want to give to each and every possible outcome.

For instance, you need to focus more on the ‘awareness’ and ‘buying’ intents than ‘loyalty’, if you are a new business.

After deciding the desired outcomes, obtain a mix of keywords that align exactly with the content perspectives you want to target.

This way, your SEO content marketing will obtain a perfect balance of multiple content perspectives.

4. Not including promotional traits in the SEO content strategy

Problem: Focusing only on the SEO while creating content.

Going too hard on SEO can also become extremely troubling for your content marketing strategy. But websites still tend to make this mistake and avoid the promotional traits.

Of course, the keyword placement in the title, meta description, subheadings and other on-page optimization techniques are important. But that should not be achieved by compromising the appeal of the content.

The content has to obtain links and social sharing. And that requires high-quality promotional traits in the content. Even the search content marketing depends on the appeal of the title and the meta description you create.

Hence, not achieving the promotional traits can cost you in terms of backlinks, social sharing, and CTR as well.  

Solution: Make sure that experienced writers work on the content pieces. You will need a team that has SEO expertise along with an exceptional writing talent.

Also, you need to provide detailed instructions regarding the content creation. Research the industry’s top competitors and use their qualities to instruct your SEO and content team.

If you are writing for SEO content marketing on your own, then, follow these steps:

  • Select top 5 writers in your industry.
  • Go through their content pieces to learn their writing style.
  • Put an extreme focus on learning the title, content flow, and the ending style.
  • Develop your own style with the skills learned from the researched writers.

It will take time, but eventually, you will achieve a perfect balance between the SEO technicalities and promotional traits.

5. Unable to achieve uniqueness in content plan

Problem: Presenting the same information in the same manner like others.

No matter how much money you invest in creating a content marketing strategy. It will not work out well with the same old content plan.

The search engine is filled with the same content written over and over again without giving any in-depth twist.

An unoriginal content not only bores the audiences, but also sends red signals to the search engines. As a result, content marketing becomes really difficult.

Solution: In an ideal situation, you can create content that has never been presented in the digital world before. But practically, this is almost impossible. The informational pieces are always there in one form or the other.

So, what you need to do is- focus on presenting the information in a new manner. The reader should be able to achieve a fresh experience of obtaining the information.

Learn all about creating unique content:

6. Choosing quantity over quality

Problem: Compromising the quality of the content to ensure the consistency content generation.

The biggest irony of this SEO mistake is that most site owners know about. Still, they neglect the importance of content quality in SEO and tend to give their sole attention to the quantity. This happens due to the misconception that they can get the same results by creating a ton of content.

But search engines reward web pages with highly comprehensive content. So, the quantity doesn’t help your content strategy in the long run.

Solution: The solution is pretty simple here. Do everything that you are doing for SEO content marketing. Just don’t compromise the quality over quantity. So, if you have to choose one, then, choose content quality always. Because that is what search engines are doing.

7. Not modifying with the changing analytics

Problem: Thinking that SEO optimization is a one-time process.

Every content starts its own journey towards the becoming outdated as soon as you publish.

To keep the content fresh and popular, regular optimization is extremely important. But most content marketers try resolving the problem by pushing their marketing efforts. However, the outdated SEO of the web pages doesn’t let the content get back on its feet.

Solution: There are two parts of solutions for this problem.

First, you need to invest a good amount of time in monitoring all the following analytics:

  • Page traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Page authority
  • Rankings
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time spent on the page

With that, you need to modify your SEO content marketing techniques.

  • Optimize the content with the trendy and relevant keywords.
  • Keep on improving the internal links and invest time in gaining more backlinks.
  • Redirect your moved pages to ensure the same traffic.
  • Pick low performing pages and redesign the content for fresh appeal.
  • Add the latest information to the outdated content to make it trendy again.
  • Change the old content with a new one that seems more effective, according to the current marketing goals.
  • Remove the contents that have no hope of getting better in any manner.

When you use the analytics to modify your content strategy, it leads to high ROI in SEO content marketing.

It is time to rethink your content marketing strategy

The success of your website depends on the content marketing and SEO. And they both need to be directed towards audience needs and your business goals.

Keeping that in mind, you can create a marketing strategy that doesn’t have any imperfections in terms of content SEO.

So, re-establish your SEO plan to gain high returns from content marketing. And don’t forget to avoid the mentioned SEO mistakes.