Top 16 SEO Tips For 2019: Ideas You Need For Online Success

Top 16 SEO Tips For 2019: Ideas You Need For Online Success

You research keywords, write good content and follow disciplined on-page SEO steps.

But your web pages and content pieces don't seem to rank.

Which is why you searched for SEO tips 2019 in the first place, right!

Sure, you cover all the basics of SEO, but there are some intricate things that you skip.

Don't worry, even the SEO pioneers struggled with search engine optimization initially. 

There's a lot that goes behind the technicalities of SEO you see in the front.

I recently watched "SEO: The Movie " released by Ignite Visibility, in which, rock stars of SEO industry Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Jill Whalen, Brett Tabke, Rae Hoffman, Barry Schwartz shared their experience.

Watching the movie makes you realize how far SEO has come and how ever-changing it is. Which is why updating your SEO approach every year becomes a necessity. 

This “SEO tips for 2019” is a post with strategies and ideas that usually stay hidden or seem complicated.

You will learn tricks that make content, keywords and SEO optimization more effective.

Let’s begin this list of SEO tips 2019

1. Divide competitor analysis into 3 steps

2. Plan 3 stages of SEO strategies in 2019

3. Merge user intent in keyword research

4. Understand audiences and influencers separately

5. Use SEO on all platforms

6. Develop a consistent content voice for your brand

7.  Save long form content from getting boring

8. Stop avoiding technical SEO issues

9. Internal linking comes within the current SEO techniques 2019

10. Become legit content source to get more backlinks

11. Combine manual and automated SEO techniques in link building

12. Maintain a cycle of promoting every high-quality content

13. Become serious about image SEO

14. Start making efforts towards voice search SEO

15. Upgrade SEO strategy with changing analytics

16. Rank your content pieces in featured snippets

seo tips infographic

1. Divide competitor analysis into 3 steps

Competitors are your best teachers.

Learning from your competitors gives you a clear picture of what you need to do and how you need to do it.

The same happens when you want your SEO techniques to work.

There are three competitor analysis SEO tips 2019 to make things easy, effective and insightful:

SERP analysis 

The ultimate goal of a content piece is to reach the top organic space in a relevant SERP.

So, the first thing you should do before anything else- analyze the SERP you want to top. Add this idea in your own list of SEO in 2019 to make this year more successful for your online presence.

Understand the dominating intention of that SERP (Commercial, navigational or informational)

user intent examples

Make a list of popular adjectives used in titles

  • Top
  • How To
  • Best
  • Awesome
  • Proven
  • Advanced
  • Awesome
  • Great
  • Useful.

Pick points from the writing style of URLs created by competitor pages

When I looked at Backlinko’s URL writing style:

url writing style examples

I realized three things:

  • Make URLs as crispy as possible.
  • Include the main keyword in URLs.
  • Don’t include the year (for example SEO tips for 2019) in the URLs.

Competitor’s content

In digital world, “Content quality” is a comparative term. So, you have to know your competitors’ content before planning content strategy for your site.

Evaluate the topics included in competitor content pieces

When I decided to write my “SEO for beginners” guide,

I went through the best guide available online, which was Moz beginners guide to SEO.

Their collection of topics helped me design my own comprehensive guide.

moz's beginners guide for SEO

Understand the content outline and the flow of their work

I closely evaluated the sequence of topics in Moz’s content. Their chapters helped me decide my content outline.

Spot keywords and their positions in content pieces

Write down any weaknesses you find in terms of content quality

Though Moz’s content was extremely comprehensive, I thought my users would love to see a list of “SEO Terminology”.

So, I included that idea and designed my SEO basics guide like this:

SEO basics guide

Social media analysis

Big players in your industry spend their money and time creating new ways to market their content on social media. The writing style of social media posts, use of hashtags, and image selection are a few of them. These factors can help you prepare your content for its promotional purpose since its beginning.

2. Plan 3 stages of SEO strategies in 2019 (before, during and after content creation)

Sometimes the complexity of SEO techniques stops you from achieving your maximum creative extent.

A better way to justify creative quality and technical quality together is to design a pattern for SEO.

In 2019, this SEO tip is the most valuable change you can bring to your working style.

Learn the basics of search engine optimizationThen, divide SEO responsibilities into three clear parts.

Choose tasks that are necessary before starting the content.

  • Topic research
  • Keyword research
  • Image creation and selection
  • Content promotion strategy
  • Link building strategy

Define SEO processes that are necessary during content creation.

  • Content outline
  • Keyword placement
  • Image optimization
  • Overall on-page SEO

Learn On-page SEO

Give yourself SEO responsibilities after creating the content.

  • Publish content
  • Promote content on social media
  • Market content for backlinks via email outreach
  • Write guest posts about your content
  • Monitor content performance over time

3. Merge user intent in keyword research

Another addition to “SEO tips 2019” would be not focusing just on the keyword data.

Yes, you read it right. You have to save yourself from becoming too technical when researching keywords. Or, you can say that it should be a merger of technical aspect and topical analysis of keywords.

Of course, you still need to find competition level and search volume for keywords. But it is also important to dig deeper and understand the intent of a keyword.

Why so?!

For instance, if you search for a query “SEO templates”,

Google’s Search Box will present different variants of user intents around this keyword.

keyword intent evaluation

Now, you can choose one or more keywords that seem suitable to your content strategy, and

Create HIGHLY TARGETED content.

Merging user intent in keyword strategy also gives you a clear perspective of how your content should be. You become aware of the topic outline and concepts that keyword requires.

So, for these reasons, you should learn to merge user intent in keyword and content SEO.

4. Understand audiences and influencers separately

Quality-wise, both audiences and influencers want you to impress them.

For audiences, it is usually the readability and usefulness. Influencers, on the other hand, desire promotional traits along with all other qualities.

It is important for you to separate your audiences and influencers in terms of SEO strategies and techniques. The idea is to understand separately and execute everything together.

Ask following questions when designing your SEO strategies:

What answers do audiences want?

When I decided to write a comprehensive post on “image SEO”,

My goal was to get traffic and backlinks at the same time.

First, I looked into the audiences’ queries around “using images”.

I conducted a search on Google:


using images quora query

using images quora query search results

With this, I concluded that people are looking for “image copyright” queries a lot.

Further research introduced queries around “image modification”, and “image SEO tips”.

So, I included all of them in my content outline.

Are influencers looking for more in-depth content than regular audiences?

To answer this question for my “image SEO” content,

I headed to one of my favorite platforms- Growth Hackers

growth hackers

Their “Posts” section has great tags, which allowed me to find popular and trending content pieces around “image SEO”.

growth hackers tags

With this research, I concluded that content pieces with “Image tools”, and “SEO best practices” were very popular.

Which keywords and topics can impress both influencers and audiences?

During my research on Quora and Growth Hackers, I came across three terms frequently:

  • Image SEO
  • Image Optimization
  • Using Images

So, it was clear that my guide would contain concepts related to these keywords altogether.

Does a content piece have strong readability, usefulness and promotional traits along with it?

Finally, I combined the obtained ideas with my overall keyword research and created my image SEO guide.

image seo guide

5. Use SEO on all platforms

Your website is just one platform to reach out to your target audience. The online world is about communities of audiences, viewers, influencers, and peers. You need to tap into all those communities through different pathways such as:

  • YouTube SEO
  • Q&A forums such as Quora
  • Social Media
  • Industry-focused sites for guest posting

And others.

Empowering useful content with SEO optimization can actually help your site as a brand. Which is why you need to invest in working on search engine optimization even when you are writing an answer on Quora or posting simple news about your site or business on social media.

How to use SEO on all platforms?

  • Always follow a clear keyword pattern when promoting content on different platforms.
  • Understand the platform itself to modify your SEO techniques for better results.
  • Find and follow a voice that can become your brand’s identity on every platform.
  • Use SEO as a part of your video marketing strategy to target multiple platforms.
  • Add useful links to bring traffic to your official site.

When posting content on social media,

I utilize hashtags, character limitations, post vocabulary, post link, and images.

twitter post example


facebook post example

6. Develop a consistent content voice for your brand

SEO and marketing are not two parallel things in digital world nowadays. They both have been merged into one lane. Digital marketing professionals know this and you should incorporate this as one of many SEO tips in 2019.

Your website is a brand. So, any type of content associated with your site should give a unique sense of brand familiarity. The message should have a consistent voice if you want to win audiences’ loyalty. And SEO plays a big part in that.

For example,

Suppose you have to select one of the terms- “Great Ideas”, “Cool Ideas”, “Dope Ideas”, and “Effective ideas”.

There is no general right or wrong term here. It is all about choosing a voice best-suited for your brand.

So, if your site is about games, gadgets, or lifestyle, you can choose “dope ideas” or “Cool ideas”.

A technical site can decide to go with the term “Effective Ideas”.

The goal is to keep the selected voice tone consistent to build a brand familiarity.

The process of copywriting should support as a voice for your brand in terms of writing style.

7.  Save long-form content from getting boring

Long form content has become a key to best search engine ranking nowadays. But there is a downside to it, if not represented effectively.

You have to master the ability to keep the audiences engaged throughout the content. It happens with experiments. You have to try various SEO and content elements, and keep on analyzing the data behind those SEO techniques.


How to write long-form content interestingly?

Here are a few elements which you can play with:

  • Compelling subheadings with targeted LSIs.
  • Meaningful visuals optimized with image SEO.
  • Bolded or highlighted quotes.
  • Infographics
  • Bullet points
  • An appealing call-to-action
  • Videos

These elements can allow you to present your topics in an interesting outline. And that allows readers to consume your work more easily.

In-depth reading:

8. Stop avoiding technical SEO issues

SEO trends for 2019 won't help you if your website has pre-existing technical SEO issues.


How to improve the technical SEO of your website?

There are 4 major ways to deal with technical SEO problems and create a strong website:

HTTPS: Moving to HTTPS is a necessity to keep your site a safe place and tell search engines that you care about the security of your visitors.

Accelerated Mobile PagesGoogle has motivated content creators towards mobile-optimized pages with AMP.

Ensure crawling: You have to be aware whether Google and other search engines are crawling all the pages that you want them to. It allows you to point out issues such as duplicate pages, broken web pages, and indexing errors. There are tools such as Deep Crawl and Moz site crawl are useful in finding and resolving SEO issues.

Semantic Markups: HTML tags have to have the correct information to enhance the semantic value of your web pages. It will help Google evaluate the context of the content available on your pages. So, get your HTML tags checked for their semantic value.

Page load speed: Google offers you Test My Site to ensure that your pages are optimized properly to load within 3 to 5 seconds. This is one of the important SEO ranking criteria. Hence, I recommend you go to the page speed guide that I have created in sync with the latest "Google Speed Update".

9. Internal linking comes within the current SEO techniques 2019

Backlinks are directly associated with SEO ranking factors. But internal links are as critical for your site as any other link you achieve.

Internal linking is the process of linking one web page of a site to another page of the same website. You use hyperlinks to provide a navigational pathway for visitors. Most site owners do it, but sometimes it doesn’t serve the right purpose.

What is the purpose of internal linking?

  • Empowering web pages’ content by connecting with other relevant pages on your site.
  • Allowing a reader to find detailed information on connected topics.
  • Getting traffic from one page to the other in order to reduce bounce rate.
  • Making Google bots understand the depth of content quality you have to offer.

When you keep these things in mind, your internal linking process seems more meaningful to visitors as well as search engines.

From now on, don’t just think about the number of internal links. Focus on the value and the purpose an internal link can fulfill for you.

10. Become legit content source to get more backlinks

No matter what you write about or what type of business you have online, people want quality.

Behind all the technicalities of digital marketing, quality is the ultimate requirement your audiences have from you.

Backlinks, sales, revenue and higher rankings, it is all possible with quality content.

But there is one problem!

Every piece of information is available on the internet.

You cannot create new information anymore, but you can present the old information with a new perspective.

So, for the question-

How to create unique content consistently?

This is what you can do:

  • Learn modern SEO writing tips.
  • Use in-depth research to select attention-worthy topics.
  • Gather data around your topic using research or surveys.
  • Find your own perspective around that same topic.
  • Formulate a content strategy including, blogs, infographics, videos, and articles around that topic selection.

With these SEO tips in 2019, you can bring freshness to your content and attract more backlinks from multiple sources.

11. Combine manual and automated SEO techniques in link building

The importance of backlinks is no secret to anyone. Link building comes under essential SEO techniques to gain top rankings.

But the parameters of quality backlinks have evolved.

You can’t rely on paid links, blog comments or other spam techniques for rankings.

To attain quality links in 2019, you need high-quality content and intense marketing.

A strong backlink strategy requires following actions:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Research for broken links
  • Content promotion
  • Outreach
  • Email marketing
  • Social promotion

Choosing only a manual or an automated process can’t get you relevant links. It takes a balance of manual and automatic procedure to achieve high-quality backlinks for your website.

In-depth reading for quality link building:

12. Maintain a cycle of promoting every high-quality content

Marketing your content is not a one-time process. You can’t just promote your content for a while and move to a new one. Every content piece requires a continuous cycle of promotion to stay fresh and reach more readers and influencers.

Here are a few steps to add to your SEO strategy and maintain a smooth content promotion cycle:

  • Make a list of best pages and content that your site has.
  • Make another shortlist with content pages that are link-worthy.
  • Keep updating old pages with fresh information.
  • Use infographics and videos to improve the engagement quality of your pages.
  • Re-promote online through social media and email outreach.

These steps will create a loop of content promotion and make your best pages stronger day by day.

13. Become serious about image SEO

Visuals on your site impact bounce rate, conversions and readability. Plus, Google offers an opportunity to win more traffic through image search. Hence, you have to become serious about image SEO optimization.

Your images have to have certain qualities in order to appear on Google’s image search and impress site visitors:

  • Relevance
  • Visual appeal
  • Promotional scope
  • Optimized file size
  • Descriptive file name
  • Keywords in image file name and ALT text

These are only the basics of image SEO. Here is a guide to understanding image optimization in detail:

14. Start making efforts towards voice search SEO

An article on Search Engine Land explains the importance of voice search SEO in 2019 in terms of visibility, and reaching more consumers.

Mobile users are inclining towards voice search more now.

Another study conducted by Backlinko tells the nuances of voice search optimization.

Though there are no direct optimization steps for voice search, you can use Backlinko’s study to prepare your site and content for future:

  • Using question and answers in your content.
  • Keeping your answers short and concise.
  • Using common language in writing that people use when speaking in general.
  • Formatting your web page with featured snippet position in mind.

15. Upgrade SEO strategy with changing analytics

Site owners and bloggers spend hours evaluating outside tips and tricks to learn Effective search engine optimization. But the best SEO tips for 2019 are available right there in your analytics.

You should also learn from your site’s performance. Here are the analytics you need to monitor regularly:

  • Page traffic
  • Rankings
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration on pages
  • Referral traffic

These insights tell you how your site is performing and which aspects need more work.

For instance, if the referral traffic is going down, you need more relevant backlinks to obtain the right audience.

Similarly, high bounce rate says that your web pages require more engaging content, internal links and other ways to hold visitors.

Learn how to reduce bounce rate:

16. Rank your content pieces in featured snippets

In 2017, Ahrefs presented its report on featured snippets, which said that about 12.29% of total search queries include featured snippets.

And if you look at SEMrush’s latest report of SERP features-  

semrush serp features report

The percentage of featured snippets is still about 11.38%, which is pretty stable in 2019 as well.

A featured snippet is also known as a position 0 on a SERP result, which comes on top. It provides a small answer for the searched query along with the title as well as the URL of a page.

featured snippet example

In any SERP, a featured snippet holds the capacity to steal a huge traffic.

So, the question for you is:

How to get ranked on featured snippets?

To rank your content on featured snippets, you have to focus on three things:

1. Write a search query as a question- How, What, When, Where…

2. Write a 50-60 word answer for every query you target.

3. Format your questions and important content items as H2 or H3 subheading tags.

If you follow featured snippet SEO tips for 2019 with every content of yours, the chances of obtaining a position 0 get higher.

I follow the same process for all my posts.

And you can see the sweet results:

writing long blog post serp

However, this position is only possible after your content reaches the 1st page on a SERP. So, you have to first work on other 15 SEO tips for 2019, which I have mentioned before this tip.

Do you feel prepared with these SEO tips 2019?!

Every tip offered in this post can easily align with your current SEO tactics. So, these SEO techniques will definitely help you empower your site’s rankings and authority in 2019.

Hopefully, these SEO tips for 2019 have made you feel more confident about the online game plan for your site this year.