Top 18 Video Marketing SEO Tips: How To Optimize Videos For Marketing

Top 18 Video Marketing SEO Tips: How To Optimize Videos For Marketing

This post has all video marketing SEO tips you need.

Videos on the internet have been around for ages. Hank Green of YouTube channel vlogbrothers tells the history of online videos here:

YouTube has definitely been a big booster for videos online.

And after that,

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms integrated video content.

So now, we live in the world of video content domination, where people talk about viral video marketing.

For a business, marketer, or content creator, this is an exciting time to dive into video production.

Keep reading to acquire SEO tips for video marketing.

Video keyword research tips – How to find traffic-generating video keywords

You need video keywords to understand trends around your video idea. So, my first 3 video marketing SEO tips include the best keyword research spots for videos.

1. Find hot topics on Google trends

Go straight to Google Trends and type your idea.

You can select a location or get a “Worldwide” overview of the topic.

Don’t forget to switch from “web search” to “YouTube Search”.

video keyword research google trends 1

If you scroll down, you can find a section called “Related Queries”. This list is customizable with respect to rising and top keywords. You can evaluate the percentage popularity of every keyword and select the best-suited ones for your video idea.

video keyword research google trends 2

Google Trends also allows you to compare multiple topics in terms of popularity.

2. Search YouTube for highly specific keyword ideas

To generate traffic, you need to be smart about your keyword research. The more specific you get, the higher the traffic your video can receive.

YouTube is the best spot to find out what sort of videos people search for in your market niche.

Here is how you can use “YouTube search box” to find specific video keywords:

youtube keyword research 1

youtube keyword research 2

Congratulations! You have now found a way to dodge competition and win traffic with highly specific keywords.

3. Get multi-channel keyword report with Keyword allows you to find keyword suggestions for:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

And other platforms!

Moreover, you can choose country/language combinations to further improve the value of your keyword research. for video keywords

The tool uses autocomplete of the selected platform to give a huge list of keywords. There are both free and pro versions available.

Video content creation tips – How to make a marketing video

The game of content creation changes as you move from text to videos. Which is why video marketing SEO tips differ from general SEO rules!

4. Determine your video marketing objectives

No matter which business you are in, setting video marketing objectives is the first important step.

Objectives give a clear perspective, which helps you find out:

  • Who is going to watch your videos?
  • What video types suit your marketing plan?
  • Where to promote video content for maximum results?

Basically, it is all about selecting your finish line first. Then, you can pick different paths to reach there.

That being said, your video marketing objectives can include:

  • Generating sales
  • Solving problems for your customers
  • Building a presence on social media
  • Increasing product or brand awareness
  • Growing your market reach
  • Launching products or new product features

And others!

Remember that this is just an overview of objectives.

When you sit down to write your objectives, keep it as specific as possible. Your marketing objectives are effective if they are:

Business-oriented- video objectives should align with your business goals.

Action-oriented- you should be able to define actions to attain your objectives.

Specific- Instead of saying “we want more sales”, say “we want 20% more sales”.

Realistic- You should know how to perform every step without any confusion.

Meaningful- It should make sense to your target audience groups.

5. Pick the right video type

With your objectives cleared, you can move with your video marketing strategy further and choose your video type.

Sales, Product or Launch Video: Use to increase sales, introduce new product features, enhance product understanding and improve market share.

Here is an example:

Squatty Potty


Customer Story Video: Use to build brand trust, define customer relationships, increase product value and generate more sales.

Here is how Gold’s Gym is doing their video marketing in 2019:

Gold’s Gym Challenge


Explainer Video: Use to increase product awareness, brand power and generate sales. Such videos also serve as a passive form of customer service.

Here is a good example of an explainer video:

Panasonic Assist Robot


Social Media Video: Use short videos for ads and marketing to generate traffic, product awareness, leads, and sales.

Here is a great video to give you an idea:

facebook marketing video by Promo


CSR videos: Targeting corporate social responsibility with video marketing definitely helps in gaining brand power, customer loyalty and offers a significant increase in terms of reputation.

Gillette: The Best Men Can Be

Now, you can pick the right video type and align it with other video marketing SEO tips for success assurance.

6. Define your standard video length for different channels

An infographic on ideal video length by HubSpot suggests the following:

Facebook: video length 1 minute or shorter.

Twitter: video length 45 seconds or shorter.

Instagram: video length of 30 seconds.

YouTube: video length 2 minutes or longer, depending on the content and message.

Viewers’ attention span is different on different platforms. Which is why you need to define channel-based suitable video lengths to ensure maximum watch time.

7. Write a script for clarity

It’s common to think about skipping the scripting process when you have only 30 seconds in hand.

BUT, short length increases the value of having a script furthermore.

You have to combine your message with appeal and make it interesting at the same time. And that requires writing a script in advance.

Here are a few video marketing SEO tips for script writing:

  • Divide your script into scenes or slides (for example- 8 slides, 10 slides or more).
  • List your actions for every scene or slide.
  • Write a copy for every scene or slide.
  • Decide the order of scenes and edit your script.
  • Follow this script to systematically design your video.

8. Make the first 3 video seconds count on social media

On social media, the next post is just one touch away from a viewer.

So, you have to make an impact within the first 3 seconds of your video.

To make the first 3 seconds effective:

  • Use an animal or a person as your first image of the video.
  • Begin your video with moving images to stimulate eye motion.
  • Use text with color and popping fonts.
  • Find a way to surprise and generate curiosity.

9. Make the first 15 seconds count on YouTube

In Backlinko’s video SEO guideBrian Dean sheds light on the first 15 seconds and its importance on YouTube.

Even YouTube data recommends you to engage audiences at the beginning of a video.

youtube says retain audiences in 15 seconds

If most people watch your video for 15 seconds, chances are that they will continue to watch further.

Video optimization- How to make a video SEO friendly

When it comes to video optimization, people ask- How to optimize videos for marketing? But instead, they should ask the following questions-

Here are all the video marketing SEO tips to optimize for multiple channels and platforms:

10. Customize video title and description for each channel

You can post your videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on various other channels.

But they all have their own guidelines, level of professionalism, and demographics. These factors change the method of interaction on every platform.

You can’t choose one title and description and copy paste it on every platform.

For instance, it is smart to use emojis in Facebook video titles. But you can’t follow the same when posting a video on LinkedIn. Similarly, on YouTube, you get the freedom to write a long title with a description of 200-250 words.

So, you have to keep the channel in mind when writing titles and descriptions.

When writing your video title and description, follow these two goals:

Goal #1: Your videos should reach the right viewers.

Goal #2: People should feel interested when they read the title/description.

To attain your first goal, you need to put target keyword in the title. The number of keywords will depend on the length of the title and your description.

To attain your second goal, you need to write interesting titles, according to the channel you are posting on.

I have a comprehensive post about on-page SEO Tipsin which, you can find all about video title/description optimization and more.

11. Let video length decide your call-to-action placement

The purpose of all videos comes down to these:

“Please subscribe!”

“Hit the bell icon!”

“Click on the link below!”

“Follow us!”

“Like our page!”

“Get in touch!”

These are a few of many Call-to-Action or CTAs you request from your audiences.

You obviously want your viewers to take the suggested action.


First of all, you need to define a short, clear and understandable CTA.

Then, it comes down to CTA placement!

If your video is short about 30-60 seconds, you can add the CTA at the end.

But, with long videos, it is better to include your CTA in the beginning. You can give a quick recap of your content and ask your viewers to take an action in advance.

However, CTA placement depends on a number of other factors:

  • What do your audiences expect from you?
  • How interesting your videos are?
  • What is the maximum watch time on your videos? And,
  • What is the purpose of your CTA?!

See, how Amanda Cerny did it on her CernyFit promotional video

adding CTA in a video 1

adding CTA in video 2

12. Be selective when using hashtags

Hashtags (#) are now a big part of online marketing.

You can see the use of hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even on YouTube these days.

So, using hashtags helps your post reach more audiences.


Hashtags are like the keywords of social media. You have to be selective and add only the needed variations of popular hashtags.

Here are video marketing SEO tips to choose your hashtags:

  • Make a list of 5-10 keywords that match your video content.
  • Start writing a keyword with “#” in the beginning.

hashtag research on twitter

  • Pick relevant hashtags you see as suggestions.
  • Follow the same process for all your keywords.
  • Remove least important hashtags and include others in your post.

Do not overstuff your post with unnecessary hashtags. Or, it will seem confusing and cluttered to your audiences.

13. Design your own video thumbnail

Interesting thumbnail means views. A LOT OF VIEWS!

If your thumbnail creates the needed curiosity, more people click on it to watch. This is true for every social media platform including YouTube.

thumbnail examples from youtube

According to an article on Social Media Examiner, a video thumbnail should have the following characteristics:

  • Face of a person
  • Ability to convey an emotion
  • Powerful text
  • Complete content reflection
  • Bright and strong background
  • Brand logo
  • Consistency of style
  • Visible on every screen size

So, you should put as many hours as required to design your video thumbnails.

14. Include subtitles in your video

If you didn’t know- about 85 percent of Facebook videos are viewed with no sound.

It will be smart of you to add subtitles with highlighted and big fonts for those viewers.

This way, you can convey your message, no matter whether viewers keep the mute on or off.

Video promotion tips- How to promote videos

You spend hours to prepare your content and design a video SEO strategy. When doing so, smartly include promotional tactics to increase your content reach. Here are all promotional SEO tips for video marketing.

15. Promote via emails to existing subscribers

A small message including your link of a new video is enough to engage your subscribers.

These viewers already like your content.

So, it will help in increasing watch time, likes and shares.

16. Post videos directly on every social platform (Including YouTube)

Instead of publishing via YouTube, you should post separately.

This way, you can create different video versions, suitable for different channels.

So, you can shoot a 2-min long video for YouTube first.

Then, cut it down for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to publish separately.

When posting on social media, introduce a link so people can reach the whole video.

I have a guide you can use to create your YouTube channel:

YouTube SEO: How to Make Your Channel Go Viral

17. Write blog posts around your videos

You want your videos to reach relevant audiences?!

Write a blog post optimized with correct keywords and embed your video.

This is a HUGE video marketing tip if you have a new channel on YouTube.

Your videos get solid backlinks and a lot of traffic that increases watch time.

Eventually, your videos start ranking for the selected keywords.

18. Answer Quora questions and embed videos

Many content creators look at Quora as a way of building links.

BUT, that would be wrong!

Quora should be your way to increase the quality of traffic for the content you create.

In the same direction, you can answer Quora questions with your videos.

Start by searching for questions that align with your videos.

Then, write a suitable answer and embed your video to offer comprehensive knowledge.

Let’s get to work!

Videos are the present and the future of building a strong presence online.

Without wasting any more time, you should incorporate these video marketing SEO tips.

And don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this!