YouTube SEO: How To Make Your Channel Go Viral

YouTube SEO: How To Make Your Channel Go Viral

Looking for a breakthrough in the vast YouTube community?!

Well, all it takes is three things:

  • Engaging content,
  • YouTube SEO and,
  • The consistency in both the first two factors.

YouTube recently made video monetizing guidelines stricter for the YouTube channels. Now, you need to obtain at least 1000 subscribers along with 4000 hours of watch time on your channel within 12 months. Only then, your channel becomes eligible to place ads. 

With this change, YouTube has made it clear that you need engaging and accepted content on your channel. 

So, let’s start discussing each and every element that you need to keep in mind for the success of your YouTube channel.

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1. Deciding your niche is the most important part

Do you really know the best way of saying what you want to say with your content?

Well, if you can’t answer this question with complete confidence, then, your channel is under the threat of getting lost. You need to remember that YouTube is a vast ocean of content. Entertainment, information, knowledge, music and many other categories are available. In fact, you can even classify each and every category into multiple subcategories.

To come right to the point, you need to find that potential group that can become your loyal viewers. Though it seems too overwhelming, with the right approach, you can find your niche.

Remember, there are right viewers out there to see what you want to show. All you need to do is find them and give them what they need.

Segmenting the market

It all starts with the segmentation of the audiences.

  • The location of the target market.
  • The age group you want to target.
  • The language they prefer.
  • The genre that suits the taste of your target viewers. (However, the genre is dependent both on the audience as well as the message you have to convey.)

Analysis of these four factors will allow you to better understand your market. Ultimately, you will be able to create videos that will get more viewership.

For example: if you want to create a comedy channel, you need to think about the above-mentioned factors first. The location, the language, the age, it all affects whether people will find your videos funny or not.

Analyzing the trends

A complete analysis of the target audience is a must after segmentation. What you need to do is start following the trends that are driving the audiences. This will not just provide you new ideas, but will also keep your content in the right direction.

There are multiple ways to keep an eye on the trend in your niche.

  • By following the channels that have a similar content type and audience base.
  • By following the social media trends relevant to your niche.
  • By Using the spectacular tool offered by the Google called Google Trends.

2. Choose a reliable camera for high-quality videos

Video quality matters a lot when there are thousands of video publishers in every niche. Using a smartphone in initial days are fine, but you need a great DSLR camera to bring professional HD quality in your videos.

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More technical features include:

  • 18MP digital quality
  • 16GB card
  • 18-55 mm ISII Lens
  • Wi-Fi supported 

A great gadget is a basic foundation to win the trust of your target audience out there. So, investing in high-tech gadget is the right decision for long-term success of your YouTube channel. 

3. YouTube Video Optimization for ranking as well as views

The number of views and the ranking are correlated on YouTube. More views mean you get better rankings. And similarly, better rankings bring more and more views on your videos.

Now, we will talk about both the factors one by one.

For Ranking

To get top rankings, you need to send the right signals to YouTube with optimization.

  • Post suitably long videos. According to a survey conducted by Backlinko, longer videos get better rankings over the shorter ones.
  • Provide HD quality to get better rankings.
  • Use valuable keywords in your title. You can find amazing YouTube keywords via an awesome tool called
  • Write high-quality, expressive description without using the keywords. The keywords here don’t help in the rankings at all.
  • You should add external links to your website or social profiles in the description.
  • Add suitable tags, so that, YouTube can pick your video for relevant queries. To find tags, you can use your imagination and also pick them from your competitors.

More YouTube ranking tips:

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For views

Even though the technical optimization is used, the main ranking factor on YouTube is the viewership you have. Hence, to get more views, you need to:

  • Write interesting titles that excite viewers to click.
  • For example: “How to earn $40,000 in One Month” is much better than “become rich in one month”
  • Use expressive thumbnails.
  • For example: (insert screenshots)
  • Ask people to like, share, comment and subscribe at the end of the video. All these factors are the driving force for more views and excellent rankings.

4. Increase the watch time with effective YouTube content strategy

“Watch time is the time that viewers spend on watching a video.”

YouTube wants people to spend more and more time watching videos. So, when many viewers leave your video very early, it sends a negative signal to YouTube. As a result, the ranking of the videos drops to a great extent.

But you might say that it is not under your control to keep viewers on your video. You’re wrong! Of course, you can’t hypnotize them to watch the video, but you can do a few tricks to improve the watch time.

It revolves around following three tricks:

Longer videos

We already know that the longer videos provide a better ranking. But you might get surprised to know that it also improves your watch time. When people see that you have a long video, they tend to spend more time understanding your content. However, it also depends on the engagement you create with your content.

Building engaging content

This trick is probably the most important when it comes to increasing the watch time. What you actually need to do is divide your overall video content into three sections.

  • The beginning
  • The middle
  • And the climax

The beginning section needs to fulfill two goals. It should catch the attention of the viewer and build the excitement about the middle section.

The middle section needs to deliver what was promised in the beginning and also lead the curiosity towards the climax.

When you present your idea around this format, it enhances the watch time for sure. Even simple tutorial videos can become exciting with this approach. However, the biggest mistake people make while following this format is to make the first half so boring that the viewer leaves the page. You need to avoid such mistakes. Try separating your main idea into three subcategories and work on each one of them to bring the excitement factor.

Climax thumbnail

Well, a climax thumbnail can be a great help if you have something really exciting to show at the end of the video. Here, you deliberately choose an eye-catching thumbnail from the end section of your video. Hence, when a viewer starts watching the video, the subconscious search for that image leads him or her to the end. Make sense!

5. Increasing subscribers on YouTube

With the higher number of subscribers comes the brand power and top rankings. However, to get subscribers faster you need to combine your creative determination with the optimization techniques.

The following focal points will become your ultimate answer on how to get subscribers on YouTube.

Create content for the people

Even after defining your target audience, you need to keep learning about the signals they send you. These signals are:

  • The comments that you get on your videos.
  • The videos that get shared a lot.
  • The number of likes you achieve for certain kinds of content.
  • And the watch time achieved on the videos.

These signals can help you understand the kind of content getting the appreciation. Now, you can bring more specificity in your creativity and provide content that people love. This will surely increase the number of subscribers if you follow this hack continuously.

Pro tip: Make sure you spend at least an hour analyzing the comments, the number of shares, likes, and watch time via the analytics.

Post content in a regular interval

If you have a favorite show on television, you know the time of the telecast. You manage your day accordingly, make sure that you are free to watch the show right! Your YouTube channel does the same for your loyal viewers.

So, what?!

The point to be noted here is that you need to build the curiosity among your viewers. To do so, you need to decide a time frame, under which, you will always upload your video. This can be a weekly post or an everyday.

This habit brings a systematic connection between you and the viewers. They know when there will be a video of yours online. Many famous YouTubers follow this approach to get the loyalty.

So, how does it increase the number of subscribers?

Simple answer! When people have something to look forward to every week from your channel, they are more likely to subscribe your channel.

Develop a unique call to action

You want it! You need to ask. It is as simple as that. People tend to react when you personally ask them at the end of the video. You must have seen this trick used by almost all the channels. They ask you to comment, share, like and subscribe. This call to action matters a lot.

  • Create your own style and be creative while asking viewers to subscribe
  • Provide a “subscribing” button on the video screen at the end of the video.

Leverage social media promotion

Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These are the social media platforms to directly connect with your viewers.

  • Make sure that you have an active account on every social media platform.
  • Constantly interact with audiences through these platforms.
  • Create new contests on social media to win more subscribers.
  • Ask followers to send their questions on social media pages and answer the interesting ones through a video.

More engagement on social media becomes a driving force for people to subscribe to your channel.

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Finally, it is important that you follow all the YouTube SEO tips regularly. Any disruption can cause a great harm to the momentum of subscribers’ number increase.